What is a Graduate School Personal Statement (Sample)

What Is a Graduate School Personal Statement
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Writing a personal statement is a major part of an application that most International schools require. Along with your personal statements, other application documents are also needed. However, applicants tend to feel that personal statement writing is the most difficult of all the documents. This feeling is more common for applicants who don’t enjoy writing themselves. Regardless, it is not exactly true.

Writing a personal statement doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or difficult. It just depends on how well you can outline and understand your personal statement before writing. The knowledge of outlining and knowing the way to write can make your personal statement less difficult as implied.

Are you an applicant for graduate school? It might interest you to know that this article has all you need for an outstanding Personal Statement.

Below we have put together a quick user guide on what a graduate school personal statement is and how you can write a great graduate school personal statement for your dream school. Along with all these, is other relevant information that will help you. 

To start with; – What is a graduate school personal statement? 

What Is a Graduate School Personal Statement?

A graduate school personal statement is two concepts joined together. To understand what it means, we need to separate the words  – “graduate school” and “personal statement”. 

Graduate School

The graduate school consists of an advanced program of study focused on a particular academic discipline or profession. When compared to undergraduate studies, graduate school is a more concentrated course of study with a greater expectation for the quality and quantity of your work. The Graduate school program focuses your study on a particular discipline, work experience via an internship or any other, and research production. Also, three degree levels are always available in graduate school, which are;

  1. Specialists’ degree – usually ends along with a master’s degree.
  2. A masters’ degree – can lead to a doctoral degree or terminal degree in the profession.
  3. Doctoral degree – this is the highest degree possible.

Personal Statement

A personal statement is an essay written for the admission board by the applicant (student). It gives the admission board a specific and deeper understanding of who you are apart from your education, and work experience that explains why you are the right fit for the Graduate Program.

Anyone wishing to pursue a graduate school program will be required to write a personal statement.

Although, other applications require personal statements. For example, personal statements for Universities, Employment, Career break/change, and Master’s program.

But, this very guide will pay attention to the Personal Statement for graduate school. 

Since we’ve been able to describe the two concepts, you can now say that a graduate school personal statement is an essay written as part of an application process into a graduate school for a study program.

So, how do you write an outstanding personal statement?

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Before writing your personal statement, here are some things you should consider.

  1. Do your research about the program and school.
  2. Highlight key points you want to communicate to the admission board.
  3. What are your skills and personal attributes?
  4. Think of your exact career goal and how graduate school will assist them.
  5. What should the admission board know about you that will help your personal statement stand tall?
  6. What makes you different from other graduate school applicants?

By considering the above list, you’ll be able to give prominence to your personal statement.

Tips For Writing a Graduate School Personal Statement 

Emphasize About Yourself 

Begin with strong statements that will keep the reader glued to your personal statement. Also, include key points that talk about your background. Talk about elements that reveal what kind of person you are and demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the school and field of study.

Be Very Clear 

Communicate clearly what distinguishes you from other applicants. You can do this by sharing your specific grades, abilities, and accomplishments. By being specific with your personal story, you are giving the admission board a deeper understanding of who you are and your intention.

Demonstrate Research

This should be done before you even begin with your personal statement. Personal statement writing includes demonstrating what attracted you to the Graduate school program. Tell them things that interest you about the school. Also, address the unique features of the program. In a way, it shows you are sure of what you want and you have passion for the program.

Write A Strong Conclusion

Your conclusion should be a summary of the information you have presented in the body left with a striking statement.

Following these tips for your personal statement writing will give you a road map to come out with a well-organized and concise personal statement having an attractive story.

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Personal Statement Sample for Different University of Study

Personal Statement Sample for Different Fields of Study

Other Tips You Might Find Useful For Your Personal Statement

  1. Proofread your work more than twice.
  2. Be yourself, do not lie.
  3. Make a lasting impression.
  4. Use the right tone.
  5. Start and finish strong
  6. Be specific and clear.
  7. Make research
  8. Read the requirements and follow duly. (Including the word count).


To write a well-crafted essay, you must be able to sit down and highlight key aspects of your life that will attract the admission board. These steps we have given will help you write a good personal statement. However, if you still find it difficult or you have no idea how to begin, Fasthire provides a personal statement writing service.

Do You Need a Personal Statement for Your Graduate School Application?

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