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This is a Personal Statement for University of Hertfordshire provided by an applicant for master’s programme. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

About University of Hertfordshire

  • Full of enthusiasm for the course/subject.
  • Focused on skills, achievements, work experience, ambitions and personal interests.
  • Written in plain English without jargon.
  • Free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Max 4,000 characters long.
  • Max 47 lines of text when you paste it in UCAS Apply (including blank lines).

Sample Template for University of Hertfordshire

Paragraph 1: Brief introduction:

  • Sum up why you want to study your chosen subject.
  • How did your interest in the subject begin? or What do you find interesting about the subject?

Paragraph 2: Show your suitability for the course

  • Demonstrate your interest in your chosen subject.
  • How have you taken your interest in the subject further?

Paragraph 3: Show you have relevant academic skills/knowledge to do well on the course.

  • What aspects of your current subjects will help you with your degree course?

Paragraph 4: Show you have the personal qualities required to cope with the demands of studying at university.

  • Extra-curricular activities, achievements, positions of responsibility etc. past and present:
  • Skills/qualities required for the course/studying at university.

Paragraph 5: Final thought

  • Career goals
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Personal Statement for University of Hertfordshire – Adult Nursing

It’s often said that life’s journey is not a straight road as it comes with many turns. From when I was young, I’ve always nurtured the desire to become a doctor or nurse, however, circumstances beyond my control did not allow me to achieve that dream at the time I wanted to. There was no financial support as I lost my dad at a tender age and my mother, a petty trader with little or no income had no financial muscle to finance my education, so this subjected me to self-sponsored education right from my secondary school to university which did not avail me the opportunity to study nursing considering the financial implications of nursing schools, and commitment required to succeed in the course. Submitting to fate, I gave up on my dream of studying nursing until years ago when a life experience rekindled my desire. This time my conviction went beyond wishful thinking and youthful exuberance to a desire to fulfil a purpose.

In 2010 I survived a ghastly accident that would have taken my life if not for the quick response of the medical practitioners. The way I was cared for by the nurses rekindled my love for this career and influenced my decision to reconsider my career journey. Even after my discharge from the hospital, I could not stop thinking of the super nurses that did everything possible to ensure that I recovered as quickly as possible. This made me go into a period of soul searching and I took some time to reflect on my life; the challenges I’ve faced, my recent accident, and what I wish to be remembered for when I finally leave this earth. It dawned on me that it was hard time I quit the rat race and do things that will bring me fulfilment and happiness in life especially in my career. 

Though I did not fulfil my dream of studying and working as a nurse, I have however been fortunate to work in different health and pharmaceutical companies both as a contract and permanent employee. For the past 5 years, I have been working with a Non-governmental organization where we provide healthcare support to orphans and people with vulnerability and disabilities. Also, I am currently a volunteer in an adult home where I assist in taking care of aged people. I am greatly concerned about the welfare of the elderly because I derive joy from working with people, serving their needs and responding to their wishes, and I am committed to providing support to this vulnerable group. From my experiences, I understand the demands and level of commitment needed in this field, and I think I have what it takes to prosper in this field.

My decision to study at the University of Hertfordshire is inspired by my desire for a robust learning experience from a world-class institution. If admitted, the 2 years program will be enough time for me to gain depth in delivering quality care services. The school’s supervised practice and available learning technologies will give me access to specialized learning resources that will develop my clinical skills. Finally, this program offers the chance to develop knowledge in anatomy and physiology which I see as a valuable addition to my knowledge and competencies.

I am a good team player but can equally take on responsibilities while acting alone. My greatest virtues are meekness, hard-working spirit, patience, and transparency. Outside work, I enjoy reading – It takes me to a different world, depending on what I fancy at that moment, it could be mystery, romance, horror or fantasy. When I open a book, it is synonymous with opening a door to a new adventure. Writing and listening to music is another therapy I employ to cool off the stress as it soothes and lessens anxiety. I believe that all these will play a key role in my success not only in this program but also in my career. I look forward to being granted the opportunity to advance with my academic pursuit in this course.

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