MBA Personal Statement Sample by Nigerian

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If you’re a Nigerian seeking to study for Masters in Business Administration abroad, you’ll likely be requested to submit a personal statement, statement of purpose or letter of intent to support your application. A well-composed personal statement is your pitch to the admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be. Hence, it is important to put together a good Personal Statement for Masters in Business Administration when seeking admission into one of the universities that offer masters in business administration. This Personal Statement Sample by Nigerian will guide you on how to write yours.

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To help you understand this sample, we have broken it down into headings to help you understand what each paragraph/group of paragraphs tries to answer. Happy reading!

MBA Personal Statement Sample by Nigerian

Talk about yourself

I have spent a good period of my working career focused on improving the system that I find myself in. From the expansion of a sole proprietorship business into a limited liability company, my experience in business administration has been growth driven. I am a Business Manager and in my over 10 years of business management, I have come to appreciate the responsibilities of a manager who work continually to ensure the management of company affairs including ensuring profits, rendering financial advice, bringing more investments, and overseeing daily use of funds.

Your intellectual trajectory

I have a background in Economics from Kaduna State University where I graduated as one of the best in my class with top scores in key modules such as ………….. My years spent studying for my economics degree was both challenging and enjoyable, and I am confident that I would have the same experience while studying for this MBA. Since graduation, I have been involved in Book Keeper and Accountant job roles before venturing into Business Management. Through these positions I was actively involved in advising on key business operations like spending, lending and investment, and the knowledge gained through this process was easily transferred into my next career experience as a business manager.

Why do you want this degree? Why do you want to focus on this field?

Business and business operations around the world are constantly improving; what used to work 4 years ago now has a new spin to it, and what will work in the next couple of years will undoubtedly experience improvement for better future results. Hence, as new and innovative ways of managing business affairs develop daily, it is equally important for the business professionals responsible for the management and administration of the different business operations to brace up and become efficient in executing their duties. I want to make this academic commitment as a way of investing in my future to improve on what I already know and to ensure that I maintain my relevance in spearheading financial and organizational growth with the least overhead cost and setbacks.

Why the University

I have researched the study opportunities for international students in the United States of America, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and I noticed that the UK offered better opportunities in terms of learning, and post-study placements when compared to the other countries. More so, considering that the UK is the closest place to call home due to my Nigerian background, I feel confident of the choices of universities and teaching standards that the UK provides.

I have chosen Ulster University’s MBA program because of its program approach, especially as the course modules are developed to account for local and international business trends. With the module in Digital Transformation, I will gain informed insight on how to position my business operations for disruption especially in the northern region of Nigeria, while the Economics and Business Environment module will teach me ways of auditing my business environment to establish results that I have gained while applying the lessons from the Business Strategy module.

Research Interest

Understanding xxxxx, xxx, and xxx has always been my interest, and I will fancy the chance of conducting detailed research in any of these areas during my business project.

Why will you be a good fit for this program? Include skillset/

In addition, I have gained teamwork experience, accounting, marketing, and problem-solving skills. I will be joining this program with knowledge from the successful application of my competencies in managing business processes in a diverse society like Nigeria.

Display intellectual curiosity

Conclusively,  have successfully applied my skills and knowledge to foster business growth, however, I believe there are new and improved ways of business administration that will make my work more effective, and I look forward to developing myself with this program. I look forward to your consideration.

Last Words

Thank you for taking out the time to go through this Personal Statement Sample by Nigerian. If you need assistance writing yours, click here and contact our customer support.


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