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This is a University of Waterloo personal statement sample submitted by a masters applicant. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about the University of Waterloo personal statement.

Why You Need a Personal Statement

Personal statement writing is your chance to showcase your skills, passion, experience and understanding of the given program you want to enrol for. Hence, good use of language, grammar and punctuation is important. The statement you compose will serve as proof to show the admission tutor that you’re able to construct a piece of writing effectively.

Length for University of University of Waterloo Personal Statement

Your statement is an important component of your application to any university in Canada. As at the time of writing this, the University of Waterloo accepts a maximum personal statement length of 500. Hence, with the limited word count, you’re expected to articulate your thoughts properly before composing your statement and submitting it.

Guide to Writing Your Personal Statement for University of Waterloo;

Because of the limited word count for the University of Waterloo statement, we’ve created this outline to guide you while writing yours. Note: This is our recommended outline; you may decide to try a better approach known to you.

  1. Paragraph one: Intellectual trajectory and why this degree is important at this stage.
  2. Paragraph two: Why the country and university is the preferred choice.
  3. Paragraph three: Skills, competencies, and hobbies that will be relevant for this study.
  4. Paragraph Four: Why will you be a good fit for this program
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University of Waterloo Personal Statement Sample

I have been involved in business development and management for over 10 years. My introduction to business management came early; helping my parents run their retail store business in Niger State, Nigeria. This early exposure increased my drive for business, and together with my siblings, we helped my parents advance their business from a mere local store customer business to serve over 5000 customers yearly. Hence, I can say that my entrepreneurial background is based on the influence of my parents.

I proceeded to study Banking and Finance for my undergraduate degree. The program gave me a comprehensive understanding of business management through specific courses that covered marketing, operations, finance, business development, information technology, and business strategies and policy development. It was through this course that I gained adequate knowledge, understanding, and insight to launch my banking career.

After 5 years working in three financial institutions, and a couple of other Edutech companies in business development positions, I reached a level where I gained enough knowledge, insight, and understanding to strive in the business world and unleash my entrepreneurial ambitions. In response to a market opportunity that I discovered, I co-founded xxx – a food service and household utility company with my wife. Currently, we cater for over 1,500 Nigerian families and also boast staff strength of about 30. Initially, our operations were driven by traditional business and marketing tools, but upon the introduction of tech-driven innovations like our mobile app and WhatsApp, we have been able to attract more customers. After seeing how technological innovations can influence rapid growth in our business, I am now poised to make an academic investment that will bring me up to speed and instil in me the insight to capitalize on technology in my entrepreneurial pursuit.

Our goal is to expand our market audience which is primarily Lagos based to other big cities in Nigeria while also improving our staffing strength to provide employment opportunities for the Nigerian economy which already has a troubling unemployment rate of 32.5% according to Statista. In the future, I also have my eyes on establishing an edutech company that will help Africans get access to quality education.

After thorough research and recommendation from other business associates, I have chosen to go ahead with the Master’s Program in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology of the University of Waterloo. I particularly like the line-up of courses; they have been designed to help students gain business skills that will help them create, and commercialize business solutions. More so, I am pleased with the experience of the lecturers and the learning facilities available for this program.

Conclusively, successful businesses heavily rely on knowledge to inform various critical business decisions. It is on this knowledge that I believe that this program will equip me with the knowledge to properly utilize technology to create a competitive advantage in our present business sector.

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