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This Sweden University Statement of Purpose Sample should be used only as a guide. Please do not copy it as it has already been used. If you need assistance writing yours, click here to contact our experts today

Statement of Purpose for Public Health Lund University Sweden

I am writing to express my interest in enrolling on the summer 2022 Public Health program at Lund University Sweden. My interest in this program stems from my concern for the healthcare sector of my country. As someone who has been opportune to live in three of the four major regions of my country, it saddens my heart to admit that our system is lacking the right policies, education, and manpower to ensure a strong defence and management for diseases and outbreaks. While most rural areas are lacking healthcare education and support, the urban areas are not left behind as they are lacking adequate practitioners that can cater for the increasing population.

As an educator in the public health field, I watched in disdain how the recent Covid-19 outbreak exposed several loopholes within our emergency response system. It almost felt like the whole nation did not have a public health exposure; while some citizens were adamant to obey government directives to contain the virus, some high profile citizens were ignorantly leading people astray with their conspiracy theories discarding the government’s efforts as another avenue to loot funds. More so, when combined with the fact that in the last decade alone, we recorded over three major disease outbreaks, it goes on to show the urgency for something to be done in the area of public health in my home country. We have the population, but we now need the right contribution from both the government and well-meaning citizens to ensure a better healthcare system that will promote healthy living and longevity for the citizens of the most populous black nation.

Fortunately, I am in a position where I can positively contribute to the change that I want to see. As a Public Health Technology educator in one of the respected federal universities in xxx, I understand my place in helping to train public health technologists who will go on to advocate, promote and implement policies that will build our capacity to solve public health challenges. In the past two years, I have been actively involved in designing and executing a combination of field and practical training that has helped facilitate easy learning for my students. Recently, I led a team of xx students to a field trip at xx to enhance their understanding of ……….

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My motivation for embarking on this master’s program is to firstly improve my public health practice knowledge and skills to better empower students with academic knowledge that will set them up for an impactful career after their graduation. Secondly, though I have my first degree in Microbiology, which has already given me the science foundation, a master’s in Public Health will groom me to carry out important public health works.

Lund University is an ideal place for my Public Health Master’s Programme because of the exposure of the course leaders and guest lecturers for this programme. With the diversity and the wide range of disciplinary and geographical contexts of the lecturers, I am confident that I will be learning from faculty staff that understands public health practices from a global view. Secondly, I have picked this university because of its history and ranking among the top 100 universities in the world. I hope that the accommodating student environment, qualified faculty staff, enabling facilities and course modules will give me the best preparation for my career ahead.

Conclusively, there are many avenues to apply my knowledge from this program, but I am focused on the academic field. I wish to contribute to the growth and development of qualified practitioners who will facilitate a stronger healthcare system for Nigeria and Africa at large. In the long run, I also look forward to achieving my doctorate in public health as I continue to increase my contribution to the global healthcare system.

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Helpful Guide

Part 1:

Possible Scenarios When Writing Your Statement

  1. You’re going for a new program, different from what you studied in your first degree.
  2. You’re going for a new program, different from your first degree but related to your current job
  3. You’re going for an advanced degree in a course that you studied in your first degree but you’ve not been practising.
  4. You’re going for a program that supports career transition like an MBA, Masters in Global Business, Analytics etc.
  5. You’re going for a lower degree e.g. after obtaining a BSc; you want to go for a post-graduate diploma.
  6. You’re going for a degree in a different course that is within your industry.

Part 2:

The most important thing when writing your statement

  1. Research: Gather enough information about the school, the course, and how successful statements are written for the particular school. Find out if there are word limits or specific interests that the school has that interest you.
  2. The admission committee: The admission committee of any school wants to know your story, your passion, and your motivation for picking this course. They also want to know why you think you’re a good fit for their school or why you decided to study in their school. And if you’re a foreigner, they want to know why you want to study in their country.
  3. You: Tell your story; write your statement because it is yours. Know what you want to say, and say it in a way that shows how your academic and career experience has brought you to where you are now. Don’t just stuff in sentences, make your statements purposeful and driven towards the goal that; you’re ready for this program, you understand what it will take, and you’ll be a good addition to their next intake. Tell your story.

Part 3:

How to avoid rejection

  1. Tell your story, and personalize your statements.
  2. Follow the standard outline or the school’s given personal statement outline.
  3. Write good sentences and paragraphs.
  4. Proofread, use Grammarly, use people. Proofread not only for spelling and grammar, proofread for story, consistency, and believability. Let your story add up.
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