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A well-composed Construction Project Management Personal Statement is your pitch to an admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be. Hence, it is important to put together a good personal statement when seeking admission into one of the universities that offer masters in construction project management. The sample MSc Construction Project Management Personal Statement was written for a UK University; it will guide you on how to approach your UK personal statement in the same course.

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Top Universities for MSc Construction Project Management UK

  1. University of Manchester
  2. Robert Gordon University
  3. University of West England
  4. University of Portsmouth
  5. Nottingham Trent University
  6. Birmingham City University
  7. University of Wolverhampton
  8. University Salford
  9. Sheffield Hallam University
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Sample MSc Construction Project Management Personal Statement

From a young age, I got spellbound whenever I saw nice building designs and skyscrapers; this inspired me to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering. Upon graduation, I received the rare privilege of being retained by my school to join the Physical Planning Division as Engineer and Site Manager. In the last 6 years that I have worked there, my responsibility at work has involved management and coordination of construction projects. Also, I have been exposed to working with key fieldsmen which has given me a solid understanding of the management process involved in construction projects.  In this process, I have also developed important skills and competencies like time management, teamwork, efficiency, delegation, effective communication amongst others. After some years working as a Civil Engineer, I am now inclined to Construction Project Engineering, and to fully qualify as an expert in this terrain, I would need to equip myself with advanced construction management knowledge.

I was born and raised in a country that can build a construction industry that can equal other top industries in the world. But, so far, it has been sad to acknowledge that despite the human, material, and natural resources, we are troubled by inadequacies in talent, infrastructure and social justice which have hindered the growth of not only the construction industry but other associated industries. For the construction industry, a good percentage of projects that would have helped extend development to other less developed areas are most times abandoned or stalled due to poor resource management, which has resulted in over-population in major cities, unemployment, and rural stagnation. Nonetheless, recent happening in the (….) infrastructure sector has indicated impressive growth; improved construction expenditure by government and private entities, and increased numbers of real-estate companies are all indicators of the growth that is happening and will continue. This has made professionals begin to align themselves to capitalize on this golden opportunity. For a professional like me who has prior knowledge of what it takes to handle projects through informal project management, I know which to position myself properly to benefit from this rapid growth considering that there are also few domestic players in the terrain of construction management.

I believe my qualification in Civil Engineering provides me with a useful background to excel in construction engineering, and I look forward to developing my understanding of construction practices and techniques, as well as gain improved project management skills. My decision to study in the UK is tied to my love for British construction and engineering companies; notable in my list is Atkins, the engineering company that handled the design and construction of the Burj Al Arab. After watching several documentaries of the construction of the world most luxurious hotel, I was inspired to learn more about the company that handled the project and seeing the groundbreaking achievement they have made, I immediately fell in love with the company and the UK education system for having a hand in grooming most of the brains behind the company. So, my love for British construction companies inspired my decision to pick the UK as my master study destination. I wanted to experience learning from the country that produced one of my favourite engineering companies.

After I made my decision to study in the UK, I began to research for top-class universities that will offer me the leverage of classroom, and field knowledge while providing an accommodating environment for a foreigner. Birmingham City University came highly recommended by my colleagues at work, so after thorough research, I discovered that the BCU will be a good investment for my time and money seeing the exposure to practical and engaging learning experience that I would get here. With lecturers who have multidisciplinary consultancy knowledge in this field, engaging learning environment that enables interaction and exchange of knowledge with people from different cultures, studying in BCU will set me up for career success in this field.

I have laid out my goals; my short term goal is to get a degree in Construction Management from a world-class university that would stand as my entry point into handling big construction projects. My medium-term goal is to join a international construction company where I would have the leverage to apply the knowledge acquired while growing through the ranks. My long-term goal is to become an industry expert running a project consultancy agency after years of active service.

Throughout my career, my goals have evolved and matured due to increased knowledge through field experience and acquired skills. Though I have gained knowledge and had the opportunity to apply it in a practical sense, I also understand the invaluable asset of further education. My career progression has also been slow because of my knowledge gap in some key industry practices and techniques which I plan to gain through advanced studies. So, furthering my education is of utmost importance if I am to fulfil my career goals.

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