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Part of the application documents to be submitted to any UK university of your choice is your Personal Statement. This is a document where you state what you hope to achieve in your course of study, after your study, and why you’re interested in that particular university.

Your personal statement is one of the most important documents for your UK university application; because it helps you show the admission board that you are a good fit for their program. Of course, they’ve not met you, but your personal statement gives them an idea of you which can determines your admission. Your personal statement gives them an idea of who you are and could strengthen your admission consideration. Also, it’s through your personal statement that you indicate your passion and understanding of your chosen course.

Bearing all these in mind, this post will guide you on how to write your master’s personal statement for UK universities. If you need assistance writing or reviewing your personal statement for UK university application, contact us for your bespoke personal statement.

What Should I Include In My UK Masters Personal Statement

The following are the things for you to include in your personal statement:

  1. Career aspirations: Talk about your career and academic goals and how this program can help you achieve it.
  2. Relevant work experience to the course (if any): If you have experiences that align with the proposed course of study, write it in your personal statement. Remember that the main purpose of your statement is to show that you are a good fit for the program.
  3. Why You Chose the University: Talk about the university and what inspires you to study in the school. You can be detailed to also state why the UK is your desired study destination.
  4. Other relevant academic interests and passions that show your positive character and personality.

It is also important to include genuine extra-curricular activities, or knowledge around a subject. This will help your personal statement to stand out.

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How To Start Your UK University Personal Statement

Starting your masters personal statement can be mentally draining. Probably because you are trying to get that perfect opening or first sentence.

Contrary to stressing yourself to create a perfect first line, it is advisable to leave your opening sentence/paragraph until you are done writing the other parts of the personal statement. This will help you avoid clichés in your opening statement which may in turn reduce your chance of being accepted for the program.

To guide you in starting your masters personal statement, use the following tips:

  1. Be sure of your reason for picking the course
  2. Go straight to the point. Especially for personal statements that shouldn’t exceed 500 words.
  3. Avoid clichés
  4. Write from your experiences
  5. Write naturally
  6. Show your enthusiasm for the course, you commitment to make something meaningful with the degree.
  7. This is your chance to convince the reader that you’re an interesting candidate, do not be a bore.

Example of a Masters Personal Statement Opening

 “From the moment I started my BSc studies in Medical Laboratory Science, I began to envision a long-lasting career in medical laboratory science. I loved the idea that this career would give me access to directly impact the overall health of individuals while also contributing to the recovery process of patients. I bagged my BSc in Medical Laboratory with a 4.76/5.0 CGPA and ever since my graduation I have remained invested in helping people achieve healthier living. My drive for health is more than just youthful exuberance; I am truly passionate about how people live, and how they can get the best out of their health. Because of this desire, I have been wrestling with the desire to get more involved in helping patients take responsibility for their health through public enlightenment.  Sadly as a Medical Lab Scientist, some limitations leave me with little time to have such public impacts on people.”

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CV writing services
CV writing services

How To Develop A Story For Your Personal Statement

The term “personal statement” should give you the idea that you’re writing a statement from your angle. This means that whatever you write should be personal.

Being that this is a formal document, it should be written with a formal tone. While there’re so many amazing things about you, you have to only tell the important stories that highlight your passion for the course you’re applying for. So before you start, sit and think about which stories are relevant.

Considering relevant stories, keep in mind that these stories have to be connected in an engaging sequence, and also, you don’t have space for irrelevant things. So, choose the most relevant information related to your chosen course and use them. You can think of it from the angle of “cause and effect”. 

“Cause and effect” here indicates that something happened in your life that made you develop a passion for the chosen course. What happened is the cause while the passion developed is the effect. It also applies to the current application. When you’re accepted into the program is a cause and the effect will be what you hope to achieve at the end of the course.

For example, your relative had a health condition that needed a lot of care and management. In the course of catering for him, you developed an interest and passion for medicine and then you decided to study medicine and become a doctor. In your career as a medical doctor, you need more training in a particular area, hence, you are applying for your masters in that medicine. By the end of your master’s program, you will be a highly qualified and trained doctor and then you can help people like your brother and even more.

This story shows how you developed a passion for Medicine and how you became a doctor and also what you hope to achieve in the future when admitted into the university. The main secret for an outstanding personal statement is to tell your story.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Make it your story
  • Outline stories to use and take only master’s relevant ones.
  • While it is your story, still write it in a formal tone
  • Let there be a sequence in your  story 
  • Use a cause-and-effect approach to outline your story.
  • You can also use a past, present, and future approach to outline your story.
  • Remember to engage your reader
  • Be very concise and detailed in your writing
  • Show the reader that you believe in yourself and that they will be making the best decision by admitting.
  • Also, show the reader that you will be an asset to the university when admitted.

Reasons For Choosing UK As A Study Choice

The following are reasons to choose the UK as a place of study:

  • World-Renowned Universities:  Degrees from UK universities are accepted worldwide, because UK universities are known for their creative and challenging environment. They are also known for their high education standard.
  • Multicultural Nature: The UK is the second most popular destination for international students. This vast population of international students has led to cultural diversity. When you attend a university in UK, you are sure to meet with different cultures and mix with different people. You get to learn a lot of things in addition to your course of study.
  • Work Opportunities: International students can work up to 20hours a week during term time and 10hours when school is out. This gives them time to take up part-time jobs or even internships to raise money. Some universities may even help their students secure an internship position.
  • Financial Benefits: Studying for a degree takes a shorter time in UK universities than for other universities. This is cost-effective for those who are not on scholarships. There is also financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Depending on the living area, the cost of living is fair. It is therefore important to research the area where the school is located because schools located in places like London have a high cost of living.

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UK Personal Statement Sample

Personal Statement for MBA University of Warwick UK

My desire to pursue an MBA at the University of Warwick stems from my interest to run an IT company in the nearest future. As a professional who has spent the last 8 years of my career selling and marketing IT solutions to financial, fast-moving consumer goods, and telecommunications companies, I have come to understand certain consumer preferences and I am accepting an adventure into the world of business administration and management. I see this program as an important commitment and investment to achieve my future goals because an MBA study will expand my views on core business functions such as marketing, finance, accounting, leadership, and management.

On the professional front, I have dealt with challenging and dynamic work requirements and have always managed to deliver excellently to meet both organization and client needs. This has greatly improved my decision-making abilities and analytical skills. The opportunity to explore fresh knowledge and better ideas to approach business solutions has also added to my growth. Two years ago, I landed a role as a service Delivery Manager which requires me to manage a pool of engineers and customers ensuring optimal delivery of support services and resolution of issues. This was a big challenge for me as I had to be creative in solving issues for our customers and ensuring they get value for their money. Also, I saw the need for people management especially with the engineers, making sure they are delivering promised services. Motivated by this achievement, I started looking for fresh avenues to learn about management, and leadership in a formal setting, I believe that the knowledge will extend my capacity to deliver effective and efficient business.

While I could have chosen to enroll for this degree in any other country, I am choosing to return to the United Kingdom because of the level of experience and exposure I gained during my first Masters at Middlesex University London. Also, I find the Warwick University MBA more rewarding for my time and money. The recognition that comes with a Warwick MBA degree is among the best you can get anywhere in the world, the program is developed with hands-on practical teaching to address the current changes in the business world while giving strong emphasis to leadership and management skills that are relevant to become an effective business leader. Modules such as Managing in a New World, Operations Management, Global Business and Entrepreneurship are of particular interest to me.

I have planned my career after this program to suit the growing financial technology industry. So, after this program, I look, forward to joining a Fintech or IT servicing company in the short term where I can create immediate contribution either in the position of an IT manager, Chief Information Officer, Information systems manager, IT business Analyst where I’ll gain further exposure on running a business before moving forward to start mine.

My strong points include creativity, hard work, accountability and proactivity. When I am out of work, I enjoy playing chess and scrabble, because of the dynamic nature of these games, I have come to realize that whether in victory or defeat, it is important to embrace growth and improvement.

I believe that I will make an excellent addition as one of the students for this program. I bring with me valuable experience from my career and previous master’s degree which has enabled me to understand what is required to achieve academic success in the UK.

Tips For Writing Your Personal Statement

  • Start your personal statement strongly to grab the attention of the reader.
  • Express your passion for the course.
  • Link outside interests and passions to your course.
  • Be honest but don’t include negative information.
  • Don’t attempt to sound too clever.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute, prepare ahead of the deadline.
  • Have friends and family proofread it.
  • Don’t duplicate material from your CV/Resumé.

Note: Every United Kingdom (UK) application is made through UCAS

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