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It is important that you compose a good pre-registration Adult Nursing Personal Statement to convince the admission committee that you can meet their expectations for the program. You can highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills to show that you have a good foundation for the nursing discipline. This Adult Nursing Personal Statement was written for admission into the Adult Nursing program of the University of Derby.

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7 Universities to Apply for MSC Adult Nursing

  1. University of Derby
  2. University of Chester
  3. University of Plymouth
  4. Glasgow Caledonian University
  5. Manchester Metropolitan University
  6. Teesside University
  7. Swansea University

MSC Adult Nursing Pre-registration Personal Statement

I am a detail-oriented and hard-working assistant nurse with experience providing compassionate care to young and elderly people. I am seeking an opportunity to study Adult Nursing at the University of Derby. My ambition to become a nurse derives from a life experience that happened in 2014 and the self-discovery that followed.

Initially, I worked with a bank, as I had my first degree in Accounting, I decided to change career in 2014 after my three months old son nearly lost his sight due to negligence of nurses after a surgery. Fortunately, he was quickly transferred to a different facility that was able to rescue the situation before it was too late. In this new facility, I was fascinated by the level of care and support that my son received. The nurses were caring and professional; I would like to think that the support he received from them facilitated his recovery. After this experience, I began to think of the people who could suffer a similar fate if our healthcare system was full of nurses who were not committed to their job. I was moved with compassion, I never wish such to happen to anyone. But, what could I do, how would I help savage the problem? I started taking mental notes of the qualities that the nurses from the first hospital lacked that a competent nurse should have, the more I thought of it, the more I realized that I had some of the inherent traits that make a good nurse. It was at that point that I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to join the medical field. But, the next question was where to start since I didn’t have the knowledge or qualification required. After confiding in my husband concerning my desire to become a nurse, he supported me and recommended that I enrol for nursing training to kickstart my journey.

Gradually my desire grew into action and I enrolled for my first nursing training. Thereafter, I went on to enrol for another 2 years of training as an Auxiliary Nurse with from 2015-2017. During this training, I was introduced to general medicine, surgical management, obstetrics and childcare. Upon conclusion of my training, I was retained as I performed exceptionally while in training, and I have been working there ever since. Through my work experience at Tomade Medical Center, I have been exposed to working with different patients ranging from young to old. I have worked with patients that suffer regular attacks like Asthma and those with terminal diseases. In all, I have learnt the emotional demands of the nursing profession, and gain a deep sense of reward from contributing to the welfare of these people. I currently perform varying tasks in the hospital such as designing and executing care plans for individual patients to suit their recovery process, dressing patient’s wounds, bed baths for recovering patients, assisting in drug administration, cleaning and sterilizing patients’ rooms, taking their vital signs and reporting outcomes and changes among other tasks.

Providing emotional support to both family and patients in times of distress is a skill that I have harnessed working in the hospital. Recently, I was moved to the level of Senior Care Assistant which has led to increased demands and responsibilities on my part. In my current role, I cater mainly for children and adults, and though I initially fancied the idea of caring for children, I have discovered that I thrive more caring for older patients. This is why I am inspired to channel my energy towards Adult Nursing. Though I have worked as an assistant nurse for some years, I understand that I still have some knowledge gaps to bridge to become a seasoned nurse. Knowledge from a formal education will go a long way in preparing me for this field, hence my reason for applying to study MSC Pre-registration Adult Nursing.

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In deciding the school to pursue my education, I tried to consider the method of teaching and facilities to develop the right competencies, and I ruled out studying in my home country. The next best place to a home abroad is the UK due to the long history and national ties that my nation shares with the UK. I will find it easy to settle and adapt to the UK environment when compared to any other country abroad. Also, the UK has one of the best educational and healthcare systems in the world, which will give me holistic experience with classroom and off-class practical experiences. Furthermore, I chose the University of Derby because going through the content of the courses that I would study during my two years of training; I found the courses encompassing.  I am also thrilled by the prospect of being trained by Industry professionals like Steve Kedge and Dr Charlie Whiffin who have decades of experience in this terrain.

Asides from work, I am actively involved in community service, regularly rendering my services as a volunteer with Lazarus Food Ministry of St Dominic’s Catholic Church in Yaba, Lagos where we feed the old and poor people who cannot afford to feed themselves. Socially, I enjoy seeing movies in the cinema as well as dining with family and friends. I also enjoy puzzle games and this has allowed me to develop vital critical thinking skills within a logical context.

Growing up in a country where healthcare is still underrated and not given proper considerations, I will like to be part of a change to this narrative and to effect this change, I have to be properly trained. Upon completion of my studies, I would love to take my experiences back home and contribute my quota to building a better healthcare system in my home country and the world at large. After I qualify as a registered nurse, I would love to work for some years to solidify my clinical experiences. I would thereafter proceed for another Master in Community/Public Health Nursing. This would enable me to have a bigger impact on society especially with low-income patients and those without health insurance.

I understand that many ambitious and dedicated people apply for this course yearly, however, I feel the effort and commitment I will put into my studies and the role I want to play as a nurse once I am qualified makes me a worthy consideration for this program.

Thank you for considering my application.

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