University of New Brunswick Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample

Every candidate applying to the graduate program of the University of New Brunswick is expected to include a personal statement/statement of purpose. The personal statement for the University of New Brunswick is important, because, even if other elements of your application (CV, transcript, reference) are strong, you may be rejected if you don’t have a strong statement of purpose.

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Length of University of New Brunswick Personal Statement

The official website of the University of New Brunswick outlines that there’s no specified minimum or maximum word count for their personal statement. However, they prefer statements that are 1-2 pages in length, so, considering that length specification; it means that a 500-1000 words personal statement is ideal for the University of New Brunswick. A good length to aim for is about 500 words.

What Your Statement Should Cover

  • A brief statement about who you are – e.g., relevant background, current employment
  • An explanation of why you’re applying – What sparked your desire to pursue graduate studies? Why UNB’s Faculty of Education in particular?
  • Why the specific degree and concentration for which you’re applying? Feel free to share both personal and professional reasons for your interest in the program and be as specific as possible.
  • An explanation of why you’re a good candidate for the program – Describe the relevant experience, both professional and academic. Don’t just reiterate what’s in your CV. Rather, highlight points (positions, volunteer work, awards, publications, etc.), making it clear how they relate to the specific program you’re applying for.
  • Honestly address any gaps or issues in your undergraduate academic record.
  • How you will use what you learn to grow and to contribute to your field of study.
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Personal Statement for Master of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

As I go through my daily routine at work I am reminded of the importance of corporate management in engineering. As a Well Technical Assistant, I wish to apply for a Master of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship to explore the implementation of entrepreneurial principles in the engineering field. Having gotten the foundation for engineering management through some undergraduate curriculum and work experiences that have shaped my managerial orientation, I now aim for more formal training in the terrain of engineering management which will complement the knowledge I already have. 

I got my academic background in Chemical Engineering in Nigeria before gaining another Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology from the University of the West of England. My search for corporate work experience after my undergraduate studies led me to the Oil and Gas industry where I have been working throughout my 7 years of corporate experience. Through my work experience, I have honed refined organizational competencies obtained from several field works, seminars, presentations, and national symposiums. In the last 3 years, I have been directly involved in developing cost estimates for project considerations for Oando Energy Resources- one of the top oil-producing companies in Nigeria. I also work in a team to handle multiple drilling, workover, and rigless projects that incorporate top-level capital and personnel management. Apart from my direct involvement in well operations, I also work with teams of contractors, supervising their activities in different fields. 

After 7 years of corporate experience in the Oil and Gas sector, I have reached the stage where it is pertinent for me to develop advanced skills in handling the growing management responsibilities at work. For instance, a Well Technician is expected to have a good knowledge of projects and their practical and financial attainability. Planning, budgeting, maximizing resources, promoting effective partnership amongst field workers, and resolving any rising conflicts are all part of the responsibilities of a Well Technician. Though I have been able to execute my duties excellently, I understand that growing demands will require me to display a higher level of expertise which can only come from formal training that covers these areas of responsibility.

After thorough consideration, a degree that will build the right leadership and business management knowledge became my target, because it will prepare me to handle my current responsibilities while setting me up for future managerial responsibilities. However, I was fortunate to discover this program by the University of New Brunswick that combines applied technological principles to management. After going through the modules and what I stand to achieve with them, I was pleased to discover that the course will not only prepare me to handle management positions but also groom me to task my imagination to capitalize on business and entrepreneurial opportunities in technology. With modules like Product Design and Development, Quality Management, Managing Engineering and Information Technology Projects, Entrepreneurial Finance for Technological Ventures, I can envision the level of exposure that I will gain from this program. More so, going through some students’ testimonials, I am confident that I will learn what it takes to lead in any technology or engineering field.

I have refined people skills, constantly making efforts to build relationships with people, which has helped me shine in my workplace. I also love teamwork; being a staunch football fan I run a football Vlog and website. When I am not working, I use the opportunity to update my platforms and connect with fans talking about match outcomes, lessons from games, and even transfer windows. I believe all these will play a significant part in my relationship with lecturers and fellow students.

Upon completion of my degree, I will love to focus on Product Design and Engineering Management in the Oil and Gas sector of Nigeria. I look forward to a comprehensive curriculum delivered by Professors who have good knowledge of applied engineering and entrepreneurial knowledge. I am expectant that my combined passion, skills, and background will gain me a place in the next class for this program. I look forward to your consideration.

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