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A good PhD Economics Personal Statement is pertinent to pitch your value to an admission committee. It will help you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.  It is important to put together a good personal statement if you’re seeking admission into one of the PhD programs in Economics. This sample will guide you on how to approach your statement.

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Top Universities to Study for PhD in Economics

  1. University of Manchester
  2. University of Nevada
  3. Stanford University
  4. Harvard University
  5. University of Birmingham
  6. University of Kent
  7. University of Calgary
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PhD Economics Personal Statement Sample

I am proud of what I have been able to achieve at the Novel Economic Research Institute since joining them in 2019. From actively participating in economic researches to back federal government projects, to providing supportive economic data for externally funded projects and individual projects, I have come to appreciate the ideals of economic research and the professionals who dedicate a good part of their time and resources to uncovering human behaviours and how they affect financial and economic activities. Through my current responsibilities, I find that learning about people, institutions, and industries, and the reason behind their economic decisions gives me satisfaction.

My interest in economics was not something that happened naturally, it was not until my senior year in high school that I became interested in economics. It took the tutelage of my Economics Teacher to develop my love for economics. I would later understand that Economics contrary to my preconceived notion encompassed both arts and science, and was governed by precise principles and rules. Slowly, economics became one of my favourites and after enjoying a series of academic successes during tests and exams, I grew confident to pursue a degree in economics. I went ahead to enrol for a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Management and Economics, my undergraduate studies gave me the tremendous scope for self-expression especially with interpretations and analysis. I obtained top scores in key modules and graduated with a First Class Honour. I progressed to bag an MSc in Economics from Kent University. During my master’s program, I received rigorous training in ………… which helped equip me in economic analysis.

Upon completion of my master’s program, I joined a management trainee program to improve my management competencies and also to prepare myself for corporate life. I would later accept an employment opportunity to join the Novel Economic Research Institute as I was eager to apply the theoretical knowledge gained over a combined 7 years of academic work in a real-life setting. This opportunity has offered me avenues to approach real-life problems and has achieved some remarkable feats. One of my outstanding achievements so far is …………………….

At the Novel Economic Research Institute, progressive learning and growth is important if I am to effectively engage in intensive, progressive and interdisciplinary research that help promote informed decision-making as the government and nation rely on our results to advise on sensitive economic issues. While I never intended to focus solely on the research side of economics, nearly all my work revolves around it which has made me realize the need for advanced learning to strengthen my economic research skills. More so, my job allows me to tap into the intellectual depth of some of my colleagues with doctoral degrees which motivates me to also advance my knowledge to a PhD level.

Though my undergraduate and master’s degree gave me the background to understand and utilize economic concepts, I am still lacking in…………………. Specializing through this PhD program is important; as I have noticed how my co-workers who have specialized education excel at applying their knowledge in their area of speciality.

I first learned about Stanford University from a colleague who equally completed his doctoral studies in SU. While working with him, I was fascinated by his ability to quickly grasp concepts and discern issues with the combination of knowledge, critical thinking and fast reflexes which he formed during his years at Stanford. I love the reputation that Stanford University has built for itself over the years, and seeing the line-up of lecturers in the Environmental, Resource and Energy Economics research field, I am very much encouraged and eager to follow through with a Stanford doctoral.

One of my reasons for delving into doctoral studies in economics is because I am interested in carrying out independent research and analysis. My areas of interest cover Environmental, Resource, and Energy Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics, International Policy and Development. Researching one of these areas during my doctoral studies would help me uncover ………………

I will be coming with knowledge gained from years of intensive work in one of Nigeria’s reliable economic research teams. I have garnered knowledge from different economic and research perspectives that I believe will interest both my lecturers and colleagues during this program. I understand the requirements and high expectations of Stanford University, and I believe that my passion, previous academic records, work experiences, and future ambition will make me worthy of a place in the next class of students to be admitted for this program. I look forward to your consideration.

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