McMaster University Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample

This is a McMaster University personal statement provided by an applicant for postgraduate programme. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about the McMaster University personal statement.

What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is an account of your personal experiences that have shaped who you are and enabled you to develop the skills required for the program of interest. The statement should also convey what specifically motivated you to pursue this area of study as demonstrated through the following experiences:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Volunteer roles
  • International excursions (not personal vacations)
  • Personal life

Skills to Highlight in Your Personal Statement

  • Communication skills (verbal, written, additional languages)
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Leadership and self-management skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Problem solving skills and the ability to learn new things
  • Research skills/scientific literacy

Areas to Cover in Your Personal Statement

  • Talk About Yourself
  • Why do you want this degree? Why do you want to focus on this field?
  • Why the Country and University
  • Why will you be a good fit for this program? Include skillset
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McMaster University Personal Statement Sample

I am currently a Safety Manager in an occupational health and safety services company, and the last couple of years that I have spent working with Senior Directors and Managers has been an eye-opener into the roles and importance of business administration. Seeing how business managers influence development and growth in different departmental settings, and how they motivate the workforce has encouraged me to study business administration. My interests lie in digital transformation, managing organizational operations and finances as I enjoy discovering new methods to ensure internal stability in any organization that I find myself in.

I did my first and second degree in Physiology. Undergoing academic studies in Physiology gave me the advantage of understanding health sciences which was transferable when I received my first employment opportunity as a Safety Officer after graduation. During my years in the university studying for my degree in Physiology, I enrolled for modules in psychology, and the knowledge gained has helped me combine the science of human psychology in a business setting especially in the area of influencing and improving the productivity of company personnel. Hence, I can say that I have enjoyed acceptable success on the career front.

Due to my job responsibilities, I have the opportunity of sitting in boardroom meetings, symposiums, and different interviews sharing insights and ideas for company growth and adaptation in a fast-paced economy. All through my career journey, I have gained valuable skills and exposure to business operations, however, my recent responsibilities demand advanced skills in business administration to adapt to changing business trends. So, as a forward-thinking professional, I have made it a call to duty to strengthen my business management capacity, and build an efficient management style while adding consultancy skills through formal training in business administration. This degree will come in handy as I prepare for higher managerial appointments as well as running a business venture that I have been working on.

I believe that I have the intellectual ability to excel in this MBA program. Since a young age, I have obtained all my academic degrees from xxx schools. This time, I would like to study in a recognized institution outside my country. I have always admired Canada education system, chiefly because of 2 of my close colleagues who schooled in the Canada too. I am always fascinated by their insight and additions to seemingly tough issues in the office, so, I have always hoped to get the same or similar academic experience that sharpened my understanding and approach to business management. 

One of my strongest attractions to the MBA program of McMaster University is the modules; with the understanding of the diversity of educational background amongst the students that could enrol for an MBA, this university’s program has been designed to provide foundational business education before delving into core business concepts needed in business administration which is a big plus for me. More so, I have read interesting things about graduates of Degroote School of Business, and I desire to be an alumnus of this attractive program and represent the ideals of sound business teachings through my career.

Proactive thinking, time management, team building, are part of my strong points. My commitment to learning and development has also enabled me to develop competencies and certifications in relevant skills within health and safety management. I wish to capitalize on my zeal for learning to achieve academic success during this program. MBA studies emphasise collaboration and leadership, I feel my experiences in management will allow me to add an enterprising and creative perspective to my class. 

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