Trusted Websites for Student Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Trusted Websites for Student Jobs in Melbourne Australia

This article provides the 10 trusted websites for student jobs in Melbourne Australia.

Australia’s top-class education, great climate, work opportunities, and high standard of living make it a very popular destination for international students. However, let us put a little focus on the lifestyle of students studying in Australia.

Many international and sometimes local students take up part-time jobs while studying to ease their financial burdens. Sometimes, some do it as an extra-curricular activity to get familiar with the locals. Anyways, let take a look at how that works.

How do Australian Work and Study Opportunities Work?

The Australian Immigration System issues a student visa to foreign students, that allows them to work up to 20hrs weekly when school is in session and full-time when schools are closed. For a lot of foreign students, this usually gives a boost to their finances. It is important to make sure that your visa allows you to work while you study.

The Australian Fair Work Act also gives you rights to a minimum wage of AUD 20, proper rest, a right to oppose unfair dismissals, and a secure and healthy workplace.

Here are a few tips on how they take advantage of the part-time work environment in Australia;
  1. Confirm what type of Visa you have: You need be sure of what type of visa you have and if it allows you work as a student in Australia. To do this, you have to contact the Australian Department of Immigration (DIAC), and they can be accessed anytime via the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).
  2. Learn about the Australian employment System: You’d need to have substantial knowledge of the recruitment process employed by most Australian companies looking to hire part-timers, your target industry, the local job market, and how to get a Tax File Number. Without your Tax File Number (TFN), 45% of your payment will be withheld.
  3. Build your network: A lot of these part-time jobs are gotten through word of mouth, so it is very advisable to get to know lots of people. You can do this as well with the online platform LinkedIn.
  4. Develop your Skills: Try to develop skills that your prospective employers might be looking for.

However, Melbourne Australia is the focus of this article, so we’ll be looking at the life as a student working in Melbourne. 

Melbourne is the second-best city for students in the world, with the best being Paris. One of the reasons it is highly rated is its diversity. There are more than 200,000 students in Melbourne from about 170 countries.

It is also worth adding that the quality of education in Melbourne is top-notch as students don’t go there just for diversity. It is home to multiple world-class universities and research facilities like Victoria University, University of Melbourne, etc.

These universities are also known for providing adequate support systems for international students from housing to language learning processes and even finance. Talking about the finance, find out the highest paying jobs for students in Melbourne Australia in the next section.

Highest Paying Jobs for Students in Melbourne Australia

Now that you know enough about how the Australian employment system works, you need to know the common jobs students get while studying in Australia.

A lot of students take jobs in line with what they are studying. Most times, these jobs don’t pay as much as some others, but they do it for the work experience. When that is not the case, students tend towards sectors like sales, telemarketing, cafes and restaurants, retail outlet stores and supermarkets and hotels, or even tutoring in public or private institutions.

These jobs end up paying about $18 per hour on average, which is about $712 for every 38-hour week. While these jobs are part-time, working in places like the cinema, sporting venues, chains of retail stores, fuel stations, and call centers may require the student to show up regularly.

Here is a list of the common jobs in Australia for international students;
  1. Aged Care Worker
  2. Delivery Driver
  3. Personal Tutor
  4. Sales representative
  5. Customer Service
  6. Secretary
  7. Waiter
  8. Cashier
  9. Retail Assistant
  10. Receptionist

Now, let us talk about the highest paying part-time jobs for students in Melbourne. Before that, it is important to also note that as a part-time worker, you are entitled to a minimum wage of AUD 20/hour as directed by the Fair Work Act 2009.

  1. International Student Support Officer: This role aims to ensure international students have the best experience and the best grades possible while studying at whatever institution.

Average pay per month: AUD 5000

  1. Customer Service Attendant: They help customers with complaints and inquiries they might have.

Average pay per month: AUD 4000

  1. Administration Support Officer: This involves providing administrative, secretarial, and reception support to senior and executive staff within organizations

Average pay per month: AUD 2600

  1. Receptionist: Receptionists manage the front desk of organizations and sometimes provide other forms of administrative support.

Average pay per month: AUD 2400

  1. Student Services Officer: assists in the effective development and operation of student services at the institution. They achieve this by being the first contact for students, staff, and visitors, and also assisting in all administrative school programs.

Average pay per month: AUD 1799

Average Salary of a Student Working in Australia.

As a student working, salaries may vary across various industries and companies, even when you are performing the same role. While there is a minimum wage of AUD 20, the average salary for student workers in Australia is AUD 30. For more clarity, this is about AUD 4,546. This is great news as the estimated living cost in Australia is about AUD 2,500 monthly.

Let’s move on to discussing the top websites to get these jobs we have been talking about.

10 Trusted Websites to find Student Jobs in Melbourne Australia


Fasthire is a career brand that renders career and educational services. We’ve provided career services directly to clients in Australia, Nigeria China, USA, India, Saudi Arabia, and counting. We pride ourselves as the career brand for young professionals because we are interested in catering for the career needs of young professional through our products and services. Some of our services includes:


Indeed is a trusted website in Australia to find jobs, part-time or permanent. On their website, you can search for jobs within specific regions like Melbourne or Perth.


Another website in Australia with a reputation for delivering all types of jobs to residents of Australia.

Student Edge

The largest member-based organization of the high school, TAFE, VET, and University students in Australia. Their goal is to help students navigate their way through challenges and difficulties. One such way they accomplish this is by helping students in particular find jobs.

Student Job Board

Student Job Board is based in many cities in Australia, but they see Melbourne as a special city and have decided to help students in Melbourne find jobs as they study.

Study Melbourne

Melbourne offers quality education to students from all over the world. Study Melbourne is a website aimed at helping these students navigate their work-study life.


They are an Australian-based Search engine for jobs. On this website, you can search through thousands of jobs gotten from thousands of job websites.

Grad Connection

The biggest and most popular student and graduate careers website in Australia. Over 500 of Australia’s biggest companies advertise their vacancies on this website.


A smart, transparent job search engine that helps you avoid irrelevant job searches to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

Scout by Broadsheet

Their website has jobs, particularly from the hospitality industry. So, if that is where you want to be involved, then this is one of the best websites for it.

Study and Work

A unique career management and recruitment agency that has successfully tapped into the skills of students, graduates, and permanent skills migrants to meet the staffing needs of Australian employers.

Conclusion: Trusted Websites to find Student Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is a great city to study and work, especially for foreign students. A lot of factors are in favor of the international students and it is not a surprise that the number of international students looking to move there is on the rise.

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