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A well-composed personal statement serves as your pitch to any admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.  It is important to put together a good personal statement when seeking admission into one of the universities that offer International MBA. The sample International MBA personal statement sample will guide you on how to write your statement.

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  2. Arden University Berlin
  3. University of Birmingham
  4. Birmingham City University
  5. University of Greenwich

International MBA Personal Statement (Birmingham City University)

My multi-disciplinary academic background in Economics (BSc) and International Banking and Finance (MSc) has enabled me to develop the intellectual capacity to function in different economic, finance teams throughout my career. My undergraduate study at Eastern Mediterranean University crisscrossed courses in (…), thus giving me the foundation to excel in my career. As an undergraduate student, I picked interest in (…) which inspired me to conduct a research thesis in (…).Through this research, I was able to uncover (…). Immediately after my undergraduate, I proceeded for a Master’s degree; which testifies for my drive and commitment to master the knowledge and competencies needed in the world of finance. And this has been the bedrock of my success in different government economic policy teams.

On the career front, I gained my first experience as a Researcher under the Nigerian Boyle Economic Forum, where together with other skilled professionals; we actively developed policy briefs on macroeconomics, finance, and infrastructure for various multinational companies. Due to my contribution in developing fiscal data management systems to guide public financial management reforms for the clients aside to me, I was promoted to the position of an Economist. In one of my experiences conducting policy research with development partners from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I was equally applauded for my contribution and was offered an opportunity to partner with the foundation as a Research Program Assistant. I have gone further to partner with several other local and international organizations analyzing economic problems and developing potential solutions to them. Working with these various organizations has enhanced my research, communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills as I sought ways to continually attain efficiency in my job.

Besides academics and work, I have sought knowledge and exposure through other forms of organized training which has seen me gain leadership experiences while achieving professional affiliations as can be seen in my resume. One of my highlights was in 2020 when I achieved a remarkable feat by leading a team of economists to estimate the 2020 financial gap for the People’s Republic of xxx as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. It was an inspiring experience which led to the total budget consolidation for the country.

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Combining these experiences has not been short of its challenges; however, they have in turn caused remarkable growth in my career. I discovered this International MBA course in my quest to further understand the fast-paced international business environment. Since I am gradually approaching higher management and leadership responsibilities in my career, I have found it necessary to further strengthen myself in business management and leadership. With this academic study, I want to improve on my weak areas, while also learning how to apply modern techniques to promote business and economic growth.

When I first discovered the program at Birmingham City University, I spent a considerable period researching about the school and course. After proper consideration of the student community, university facilities, and course modules, I find the International MBA program of Birmingham City University a good option for me. I trust that this program will bring in a different approach to learn leadership and management for the international market than the regular MBA course would. Particularly, I have interest in the course modules covering Global Operations Management, and Contemporary Management Strategy.

I have research knowledge from working in various finance and business research teams, and I believe my knowledge will be an asset not only to me but my colleagues. My goal is to improve my marketable skills to operate better and inspire growth as a business and finance consultant. This International MBA will be a right preparation ground for me, and I am confident that I will be a good addition to your program.

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