Mature Student BSC Personal Statement Example

personal statement sample

This is a mature student BSc personal statement provided by a student who applied to the program of IBAT College Dublin. Please use this as a guide, don’t copy it.

Before the sample, lets look at two frequently asked questions about personal statements.

Why You Need a Personal Statement

Personal statement writing is your chance to showcase your skills, passion, experience and understanding of the given program you want to enrol for. Hence good use of language, grammar and punctuation is important. The statement you compose will serve as proof to show the admission tutor that you’re able to construct a piece of writing effectively.

What to Include in Your Mature Student BSC Personal Statement

  • Your interest in the course and how it fit your career aspirations.
  • How your previous study is related to the course
  • If you’re changing academic discipline, explain your reasons and what inspired your new interest
  • Why you picked the University
  • Highlight relevant skills and experiences (especially for professional training courses like law, nursing, teaching)
  • Why you would be a great addition to the program
  • International students must talk about prior studies whether finished or unfinished
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Mature Student BSC Personal Statement Example

I am xxx, a Nigerian citizen who wishes to enrol for a Bachelor of Arts in Business. After thorough research and consideration, I have picked IBAT College Dublin as my ideal institution of study, and I am writing this letter to provide more information about myself and help your decision-making.

My avid interest in business and entrepreneurship which I believe was inspired by my upbringing as well as traits gotten from my parents has influenced a lot of my life choices. I come from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria and we are renowned for our high business acumen and involvement in business activities. We have a saying that “any town that does not have an Igbo man is not a lucrative town”. Hence, I grew up in an environment where my family and close relatives were actively involved in running their businesses. This made me develop a keen interest in the business from a young age to date.

I completed my secondary education at (…) in the year (…). I also achieved 6 credits including mathematics, English language, commerce, and economics during my West African Examination Council Certificate Exams for secondary school leavers. Afterwards, I gained admission to study Business Administration at (…). I was passionate about my academic pursuit until I had to drop out in my third year due to a lack of finance. To date, this hunts me, but I have always encouraged myself that someday I will achieve my academic degree because destiny can only be delayed but not denied.

Having dropped out of school because of lack of financial support, I entered the business world starting as an interior decorator rendering my services in the city of (…), Nigeria. Every contract was an opportunity for me to learn and improve on my negotiation, business coordination, and accountability skills, and over the years I have done well to hone those skills to my advantage. I then went ahead to start my own event management business which I ran for about 3 years before it failed, and I had to start freelancing all over again. While analyzing the cause of my failure in my first company, there was a clear pointer to my knowledge gap in terms of business management, and I knew I needed to equip myself with formal training in business management. Ever since then, I have been involved in other business engagements including real estate, and hire purchase which has helped me grow and develop both soft and hard skills needed to excel in the business world.

I identified a business opportunity in the real estate industry, and with my experience working as an agent with other real estate companies, I founded (…) to cater for that market demand and registered it with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in (…). One thing I learnt from my first experience running my own business was that; knowing how to render a service does not automatically translate to the capacity to manage it as a business. In a bid to ensure that I am better prepared this time to champion the management responsibilities of a corporate organization, I believe that it is wise for me to boost my chances with a formal degree.

I learnt about the inclusive nature of IBAT College from a business associate and after proper research, I find IBAT College a befitting place for me to enrol for this program. Studying this course in my home country will take me 4 years which is too much time seeing that I can complete the same course in 3 years here. More so, the fact that this program is accredited by a reliable professional body makes it more appealing to me. Specifically, I am impressed with the data-driven approach of the modules, and I am confident that this program will equip me with the knowledge of modern tools and techniques needed to make the right business decisions.

With the knowledge from this degree, I intend to return to Nigeria and champion the growth of my company. The program would help me build competencies to function effectively in communications, strategy development, marketing, accounts management, inspiring innovation, project management, leadership amongst others. I am positive of the difference this degree will make in my entire entrepreneurial journey and I look forward to your consideration.

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