University of Hull Personal Statement Sample: UK Studies

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This is a UCAS personal statement provided by a student who applied to the University of Hull. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about the University of Hull personal statement and UCAS personal statement in general.

Why You Need a Personal Statement

Personal statement writing is your chance to showcase your skills, passion, experience and understanding of the given program you want to enrol for. Hence good use of language, grammar and punctuation is important. The statement you compose will serve as proof to show the admission tutor that you’re able to construct a piece of writing effectively.

Length for University of Hull Personal Statement

Your statement is an important component of your application to any university in the UK. The general UCAS form allows a total of 4,000 characters (approximately 700 words). However, the University of Hull instructs that personal statements should be around 300-500 words. Hence, with the limited word count, you’re expected to articulate your thoughts properly before composing your statement and submitting it.

Guide to Writing Your Personal Statement for University of Hull;

Because of the limited word count for the University of Hull statement, we’ve created this outline to guide you while writing yours. Note: This is our recommended outline; you may decide to try a better approach known to you.

  1. Paragraph one: Intellectual trajectory and why this degree is important at this stage.
  2. Paragraph two: Why the country and university is the preferred choice.
  3. Paragraph three: Skills, competencies, and hobbies that will be relevant for this study.
  4. Paragraph Four: Why will you be a good fit for this program/

What to Include in Your Statement of Purpose

  • Your interest in the course and how it fit your career aspirations.
  • How your previous study is related to the course
  • If you’re changing academic discipline, explain your reasons and what inspired your new interest
  • Why you picked the University of Hull
  • Highlight relevant skills and experiences (especially for professional training courses like law, nursing, teaching)
  • Why you would be a great addition to the program
  • International students must talk about prior studies whether abroad or in their country.
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Sample Personal Statement for University of Hull

Since I graduated from university, I have been an active player in the finance industry; covering important roles in finance operations and investment banking. My journey into Fintech began in xxx when I joined XXXX- a licensed financial technology company as Head Credit and Risk Manager. Daily, my responsibilities entail working with large data sources to conduct risk analysis on individual and corporate proposals, review and assess financial transactions and credit history amongst other key responsibilities that deal with huge data for business analysis. Though my previous working experiences have made it possible for me to transfer my skills to this new position, my daily routine heightened my need for advanced knowledge. To cope with my growing responsibilities, especially as our company is experiencing remarkable growth in the Asian Fintech market, I need to obtain refined knowledge in data analytics.

After thorough research for an MSc program in data analytics, I discovered this MSc program in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. I find studying at the University of Hull a good investment because of its position among the top universities in the UK. And, reading the online reviews from different alumnus applauding the lecturers, and facilities that made their learning fun, easy, and interesting, I have gained more confidence with my decision to study here. Lastly, I consider studying here because I am satisfied with the compulsory and optional modules available for this program, for the compulsory modules, I am interested in (…).

My strengths can be found in my team building, strategic planning, data visualization, and numeric abilities. Corporate work has also helped me in character, and the ability to work with different people. When I am not working, I enjoy football activities, and as a big fan of football, I look forward to seeing some of the toughest matches in the country’s football league during my leisure.

I will be coming to this program with sound experience working with entrepreneurs and business managers to utilize business data. I believe that the knowledge will help me present fresh thoughts and perspectives during classroom interactions. Equipping myself with knowledge from this program will benefit me and my country as I look forward to a Data Analyst career upon graduation. With this degree, I will join other experienced professionals in this field as we work towards capitalizing on the opportunities that financial technology has presented to my beloved country. Evidence of my commitment to contribute to the growth of my country can be seen in my volunteer experiences dating far back to 2001. Hence, I look forward to this opportunity to develop myself and share my knowledge with my country. Thank you for your consideration.

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