University of Warwick Personal Statement Sample (MSc)

personal statement sample

This is a University of Warwick personal statement provided by an applicant of Warwick’s MBA programme. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about the UCAS and University of Warwick Personal Statements.

Length of University of Warwick Personal Statement

The University of Warwick personal statement is usually between 500-1000 words. However, some departments have specific requirements which you need to adhere to. Ensure you read the course page properly for what they want you to write about

Personal Statement Writing Tip for University of Warwick

  1. Ensure that your statement is clearly outlined with paragraphs that follow each other
  2. Run your statement for grammar and spelling errors.
  3. Use concise sentences. Avoid too much technical jargon.
  4. Your statement must be written in the English language.
  5. Don’t use your statement to repeat details that could be found in your CV and transcript.
  6. Avoid repeating your CV as your statement. You can make references to certain things on your CV, after all your CV is your academic and professional story, but avoid just listing everything you have there.
  7. This is your statement, so, write your statement and avoid using “inspirational quotes” from business leaders or other public figures.
  8. Using the same generic statement for all your applications will hurt you. Take the responsibility to tailor your statement to the specific course and school that you’re applying to.
  9. Information about people and activities that are not relevant to your study should be avoided. You can include information about your hobbies / voluntary work etc., but you must explain how these relate to the course you have applied for or prepared you for study.
  10. Avoid cliché statements like “since I was young, I have always been fascinated about…”  Here are some personal statement buzzwords to avoid in your statement.

Areas to Cover in Your Personal Statement

  • Talk About Yourself
  • Your intellectual trajectory
  • Why do you want this degree? Why do you want to focus on this field?
  • Why the Country and University
  • Why will you be a good fit for this program? Include skillset
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University of Warwick Personal Statement Sample

My desire to pursue an MBA at the University of Warwick stems from my interest to run an IT company in the nearest future. As a professional who has spent the last 8 years of my career selling and marketing IT solutions to financial, fast-moving consumer goods, and telecommunications companies, I have come to understand certain consumer preferences and I am accepting an adventure into the world of business administration and management. I see this program as an important commitment and investment to achieve my future goals because an MBA study will expand my views on core business functions such as marketing, finance, accounting, leadership and management.

On the professional front, I have dealt with challenging and dynamic work requirements and have always managed to deliver excellently to meet both organization and client needs. This has greatly improved my decision-making abilities and analytical skills. The opportunity to explore fresh knowledge and better ideas to approach business solutions has also added to my growth. Two years ago, I landed a role as a service Delivery Manager which requires me to manage a pool of engineers and customers ensuring optimal delivery of support services and resolution of issues. This was a big challenge for me as I had to be creative in solving issues for our customers and ensuring they get value for their money. Also, I saw the need for people management especially with the engineers, making sure they are delivering promised services. Motivated by this achievement, I started looking for fresh avenues to learn about management, and leadership in a formal setting, I believe that the knowledge will extend my capacity to deliver effective and efficient business.

While I could have chosen to enrol for this degree in any other country, I am choosing to return to the United Kingdom because of the level of experience and exposure I gained during my first Masters at Middlesex University London. Also, I find the MBA program of the University of Warwick more rewarding for my time and investment. The recognition that comes with a Warwick MBA degree is among the best you can get anywhere in the world, the program is developed with hands-on practical teaching to address the current changes in the business world while giving strong emphasis to leadership and management skills that are relevant to become an effective business leader. Modules such as Managing in a New World, Operations Management, Global Business and Entrepreneurship are of particular interest to me.

I have planned my career after this program to suit the growing financial technology industry. So, after this program, I look forward to joining a Fintech or IT servicing company in the short term where I can create immediate contribution either in the position of an IT manager, Chief Information Officer, Information systems manager, IT business Analyst where I’ll gain further exposure on running a business before moving forward to start mine.

My strong points include creativity, hard work, accountability and proactivity. When I am out of work, I enjoy playing chess and scrabble, because of the dynamic nature of these games; I have come to realize that whether in victory or defeat, the activities helps me to embrace growth and improvement. I believe that I will make an excellent addition as one of the students for this program. I bring with me valuable experience from my career and previous master’s degree which has enabled me to understand what is required to achieve academic success in the UK.

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