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A well-composed Electrical Engineering Personal Statement is your pitch to the admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be. Hence, it is important to put together a good statement when seeking admission into one of the universities that offer masters in construction project management. This Electrical Engineering Personal Statement was written for the MSc program of University of Waterloo, Canada; this sample will guide you on how to approach yours.

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Best Universities for Electrical Engineering in Canada

  1. University of Waterloo
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. Carleton University
  4. University of Alberta
  5. University of Toronto

Best Universities Source: USNews

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Sample of Electrical Engineering Personal Statement UWaterloo

In Nigeria, the blackout to lights-on ratio is 70 to 30 as reported by the Nigeria Electricity Hub in July 2020. As a result, industries and organizations pay a huge overhead cost to generate their power, including private individuals who spend a large chunk of their monthly earnings on petroleum to power their generators. To increase the power generating capacity of the country and ensure reliability and stability, organizations and individuals are beginning to consider alternative energy sources that are neater and cost-effective.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Physics Electronics, where I took relevant undergraduate courses such as Power System, Sustainable Energy, Power Electronics, Control Engineering and Electrical System Design that introduced me to power and Energy Systems. During my fourth year, I had a 6-months industrial training with xxx and gained field experience in power system maintenance and operation. Then, my final year was marked by my project work in renewable energy and national development.

Upon graduation, I served as power systems maintenance and operation assistant at the xxx before joining xxx as a Solar System Design Engineer. My duties include designing cost-effective and reliable solar power systems for residential, commercial and mini-grid as well as managing projects. One of the many projects I designed and currently manage is a 120kva x 60kwh solar Mini-grid installed in xxx, Nigeria (See the project description on the EPL website:).

Since my daily routine at work presents me with fresh challenges and opportunities to reinvent myself, I have chosen this MASc Electrical Engineering programme because it will enable me to specialize in Electric Power and Energy Systems and proffer better solutions. More so, my research interest is centred on reducing the need for energy storage thereby making electricity affordable, hence, I am looking forward to conducting my research in the integration of two or more renewable energy sources (Photovoltaic and wind Power), storage systems, Smart grid, and/or reliability model and control.

Enrolling for this course at the University of Waterloo will give me the privilege of gaining a world-class learning experience through modules, workshops, and research experiences that are specially tailored to meet my learning needs. I understand that the university receives large research grants and supports yearly, and I hope to utilize such support to ease my research. Finally, studying at the University of Waterloo will allow me to be among an alumni network with established members with an international reputation.

Based on my relevant academic and professional experiences, I strongly believe I am an excellent fit for this programme. I will be bringing with me to this program field experience working in the Electrical Engineering industry, and I believe it will allow me to present useful perspectives during classroom interactions and research works. Conclusively, I believe that I am ready in all ramifications to begin my graduate studies and I look forward to being considered for this program.

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