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This is a UCAS personal statement provided by a student who applied to the University of Westminster masters program. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, we would try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Ulster University Personal Statement and UCAS personal statement in general.

Cliché Opening Lines to Avoid in Your Personal Statement for University of Westminster

  • Quote from someone else…
  • From a young age, I have (always) been [interested in/fascinated by]…
  • For as long as I can remember, I have…
  • I am applying for this course because…
  • I have always been interested in…
  • Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed…
  • Reflecting on my educational experiences…
  • Nursing is a very challenging and demanding [career/course]…
  • Academically, I have always been…
  • I have always wanted to pursue a career in…
  • I have always been passionate about…

How Long Should a UCAS Personal Statement Be?

When writing your University of Westminster personal statement, read through the faculty requirement for a personal statement. If there’s no word limit stated, it is advisable to stick with the UCAS acceptable maximum of 4,000 characters or 47 lines.

Can You Use One Personal Statement for all Your Application?

While you could have multiple choices to apply to, it is always best to tailor your personal statement to the course and school that you’re applying to. The reasons for picking Richard University will be different from the reason why you picked Okiasi University.

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Sample Personal Statement for University of Westminster

Career transitions sometimes come with fear especially for professionals in my position who have successfully built a rewarding career in the field they want to transition from. As an experienced Customer Service Professional, my decision to transition to Human Resources has not been void of its challenges, and while my friends and colleagues are against my decision to forgo my rewarding career, I have maintained my stand to pursue my passion for Human Resources Management. I am not impulsive, and I have given this prospect long and hard consideration; assessing my stand, what it will mean to move away from it, and I can say that my conviction remains that I am making a good decision.

I was born and brought up in xxx the capital city of the current day xxx in xxx. Growing up, most of the lucrative jobs were in the medical, law or business fields, so, when I displayed an early understanding of mathematics and economics in secondary school, my parents started grooming me for a career in a finance-related discipline. Even before that, I had started taking interest in bankers; I still recall how I stared at bank buildings whenever I passed one, always wondering what was inside and what it would take to look like one of the smartly dressed employers working inside the bank.

I would later go ahead to study Accounting in both my Diploma and Bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation from my National Diploma with the knowledge acquired, I joined Jarus Bank as a Customer Service Officer. Working in the customer service department meant that I was involved in different customer satisfaction and conflict resolution activities which helped deepen my knowledge and skills in interpersonal relations, multitasking, and active listening.  Then I joined Pomo Bank PLC where my influence and expertise grew rapidly. I was assigned to lead the Customer Care Team at the xxx branch, which also forced me to extend my level of operations. Working hand in hand with other team leads to meet corporate goals heightened my understanding of other departmental operations. One department that caught my attention was the HR department; I quickly found interest in the department since it represented the type of diversity in operation that I enjoyed from promoting compliance to new technologies, developing laws and policies, on-boarding new talents, meeting employee and employer expectations amongst others.

As I became increasingly aware of the activities and importance of HR professionals in any corporate setting, I began to desire a career in this terrain. I believe that pursuing a degree in human resources management is a responsibility that I owe myself. More so, several meetings with the HR Team Lead of Pomo Bank has given me a detailed understanding of the different roles that human resources play in dealing with issues and eventually reaching organizational success. Gaining formal learning in this course will give me the qualification and ground for accreditation to practice in the HR space.

After extensive research, the Human Resource Management M.A of the University of Westminster emerged as the suitable academic program for me. The program is strategically arranged with modules that cover the theory, practices and policies that cater for the present business environment. Gaining an understanding of these core areas and concepts will enable me to develop a suitable human resource strategy to manage and develop organizational potentials in any organization I find myself in. I am particularly interested in the optional modules that address employee relations, and organizational analysis, design and development. More so, the University of Westminster is located in London offers both academic and business benefits that will contribute to my academic success.

Conclusively, I have developed the organizational competence and skills that will enable me to perform well in this program; also, my previous academic result sheds light on my academic abilities. Overall, I am prepared and hopeful to pursue my Master’s degree in Human Resources at the University of Westminster.

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