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This is a sample personal statement provided by a student who applied to James Cook University’s MPA program. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about personal statement writing.

Why You Need a Personal Statement

Personal statement writing is your chance to showcase your skills, passion, experience and understanding of the given program you want to enrol for. Hence good use of language, grammar and punctuation is important. The statement you compose will serve as proof to show the admission tutor that you’re able to construct a piece of writing effectively.

What to Include in Your Personal Statement

  • Your interest in the course and how it fit your career aspirations.
  • How your previous study is related to the course
  • If you’re changing academic discipline, explain your reasons and what inspired your new interest
  • Why you picked James Cook University
  • Highlight relevant skills and experiences (especially for professional training courses like law, nursing, teaching)
  • Why you would be a great addition to the program
  • International students must talk about prior studies whether abroad or in their country.
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Sample Personal Statement for James Cook University Australia – MPA

With the role it plays in ensuring continuity in our society, there is no doubt that accounting is a fundamental part of our society. Accounting empowers businesses, governments, and individuals; it ensures the wheels of our economies keeps revolving. I count myself lucky to be among the professionals who oversee the processes that influence the growth and development of our societies. Having shown interest in the accounting discipline from a young age, and following it up with an undergraduate degree and years of active employment in the accounting field, I have developed the right motivation and background to pursue a higher degree that will enable me to advance my future career prospect.

Early interest in numbers made me spend a lot of time in activities that pushed me to do a lot of logical reasoning. The aptitude I developed inspired me to progress my higher education in a discipline that will help me further harness my inherent skills, and accounting was my best option. My accounting study at the undergraduate level was remarkable as I came out with good grades in key modules including; (,,,). Asides from my aptitude for mathematics, I come from the eastern region of Nigeria – a region renowned for its business acumen, and this also helped influence my choice of career and interest in business administration. Getting an degree in business administration did not only improve my business management skills, but it also introduced me to a fresh logical, customer-centric approach to problem-solving which has helped me grow in the fast-paced business environment.

On the career front, I have gained experience working in different accounting positions where I have not only applied the principles learnt in school, but I have also grown to understand how to meet daily financial targets despite the different variables involved. In the last 8 years, I have been actively involved in finance, accounting, and investment, and my academic experience and transferable skills have been responsible for my career growth. I have chosen to study for a Master in Accounting because the study will allow me to gain knowledge of the latest accounting theories while improving my professional skills in managing accounting and finance responsibilities. I wish to develop the intellectual background to analyse key issues being faced by businesses especially during these times of inflation in Nigeria and to develop informed strategies to tackle the financial issues.

I have already gained knowledge of risk asset analysis, financial statement analysis – this course will allow me to learn auditing and assurance, advanced issues in accounting, information analysis and systems, corporate finance, and taxation law from an advanced perspective. Additionally, the research project will allow me to develop in-depth insight into one of my areas of interest – (…).

Along with my interest in accounting and finance, I have always believed in the strength of professional communities in influencing the growth of professionals within their various fields. I am an active member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. My involvement has been rewarding and it is in this same light that I look forward to the advantage of joining the James Cook University alumni body.

Finally, having completed an MBA, I understand the expectations and requirements to succeed in an advanced program, and I am prepared mentally and financially to embark on this journey. I look forward to joining your next MPA class.

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