Ulster University Masters Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample
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This is a UCAS personal statement provided by a student who applied to the Ulster University masters program. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, we would try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Ulster University Personal Statement and UCAS personal statement in general.

How Long Should Ulster University Master Personal Statement Be?

When writing your Ulster University personal statement, maintain a maximum of 4,000 characters or 47 lines.

Can You Use One Personal Statement for all Your Application?

While you could have multiple choices to apply to, it is always best to tailor your personal statement to the course and school that you’re applying to. The reasons for picking Richard University will be different from the reason why you picked Okiasi University.

What Should an Ulster University Master Personal Statement Cover?

When reviewing your personal statement, the admission committee is interested in;

  • Your understanding of the course
  • Relevant skillset (good numeracy and literacy, research skills, time management skills, reflective thinking, Independent study skills etc)
  • Short and long term goals
  • Relevant work experience
  • Enthusiasm beyond the syllabus
  • Extracurricular reading and research
  • Your self-awareness
  • Motivation and commitment
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Ulster University Masters Personal Statement Sample

I can comfortably say that it was the early exposure that I got helping my father to manage his company’s operations that sparked my love for entrepreneurship. Observing and supporting the growth of a company that deals in importation helped me gain an understanding of doing business not just locally but across continental borders.

Owing to my early interest in entrepreneurship, I wanted academic exposure in a course that will give me a broader view of the public and private sectors of the economy. Hence, I decided on studying public administration. While studying for my Public Administration degree, I became increasingly interested in how government systems affect the way we organize our economic activities and how we could optimize them for better results. I focused on understanding how the public and private sector could expand their scope of collaboration to provide services for the general public. Indeed, I can comfortably say that my understanding of civil rights, policies, and laws, from this program, brought me closer to understanding the economic construct of my immediate society and also gave me a worldwide view of how economic systems are built.

After my first Diploma in Public Administration, I went for 2 years of industrial training and found application for my school knowledge as an Operations Officer at xxx–a company that deals with the importation of automobiles into xxx. Due to my performance, I was recommended for the position of General Manager in another partner company. As the General Manager at xxx, I was given the responsibility of overseeing all the business operations which included fulfilling orders from different countries.

With the knowledge gained from my career involvements, I became confident in my ability to lead my company. I then registered xxx in the year 2013, and have comfortably managed its operations and growth covering xx states in xxx and xx other countries across the world. Before now, my entrepreneurial knowledge has been guided by my experiences and experiments, and now, I wish to explore a new knowledge channel that will specifically speak to my entrepreneurial needs. Having a formal background in the area of international business management and data analytics will help me transform my ideas for my company into actionable steps that can be implemented to survive in our current modern economy.

My decision to adopt the United Kingdom as my study destination is because of the good reports I have received from other business associates who schooled here. While few other countries come close to providing the educational standards that the UK provides, the ease of adaptation for those countries is nothing compared to that of the UK, especially for a foreigner like me whose country already has a strong history with the UK. More so, just like in other parts of the world, certificates gotten from the UK is highly respected in xxx, which will give me an edge when seeking funding and investments from partners and investors.

There are many reasons why I have chosen to study at Ulster University, and chief among them is the connection of purpose that I have with this great institution. The school’s core values of integrity, collaboration and inclusion which are part of my company’s core values made me feel connected and strengthened my decision to study here. Enrolling on this program will give me an understanding of two pertinent areas for our modern economy which is global business operation and data management. For that reason, I have high expectations for the modules on Global Marketing & Sales Development, Global Strategy Development & Implementation and Data Analytics for International Business.

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