Statement of Purpose for MSc Bioinformatics Canada

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This is a sample statement of purpose for MSc bioinformatics at University of Ottawa, Canada. Do not copy, only use this as a guide.

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Statement of Purpose Writing Guide

Paragraph 1: Brief introduction:

  • Sum up why you want to study your chosen subject.
  • How did your interest in the subject begin? Or what do you find interesting about the subject?

Paragraph 2: Show your suitability for the course

  • Demonstrate your interest in your chosen subject.
  • How have you taken your interest in the subject further?

Paragraph 3: Show you have relevant academic skills/knowledge to do well on the course.

  • What aspects of your current subjects will help you with your degree course?

Paragraph 4: Show you have the personal qualities required to cope with the demands of studying at university.

  • Extra-curricular activities, achievements, positions of responsibility etc. past and present:
  • Skills/qualities required for the course/studying at university.

Paragraph 5: Final thought

  • Career goals
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Sample Statement of Purpose for MSc Bioinformatics

One thing that has distinguished humans from other creatures is our capacity to think, learn, and innovate to better our lives. It has been one of the defining traits for us from the beginning, and even as we are currently at the highest point of advancement, we are not resting on our laurel as we continue to find that extra innovation that will extend the boundaries of our development. Interestingly, in all of mankind’s advancement, the area of science and medicine which is driven by a strong desire to improve our quality of life has always taken centre stage. In the past, our ability to study biological data and easily harness them to our advantage was subjected to different limiting factors, especially when it involves a large pool of data. But, recent technological advancements have now made it easier for us to apply computational science to acquire, analyse, interpret, and harness medical data to our advantage.

I am fascinated by the prospects of studying Bioinformatics because it is a discipline that proffers solutions to the huge demand to utilize the wealth of genome data from humans and other living organisms. More so, bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines the ideals of computer science and biology; and as someone with a background in both Information Management Technology and Electrical Engineering, I see this as a program that suits me and, I would like to build a career in. Studying this course will educate me on the bioinformatic needs in modern medicine as I look forward to combining the knowledge with my computer science background to create software solutions that will improve our capacity for health data management and treatment.

My academic background gives me the confidence that I will excel in this program. During my undergraduate study, I gained the basic biology background needed for this course, and also developed solid skills in logic reasoning, programming, database management, and statistics. Furthermore, I gained research experiences working on different term papers most notably my undergraduate project on; xxxxxxx. Hence, I believe I have the right academic background to excel in this program.

I resorted to seeking study opportunities in a country that has the right investment to ensure the quality of modules, facilities and faculties in its institutions. Studying in Canada will be ideal for me because aside from having a good study abroad reputation, the Canadian government is heavily invested in education, and the quality of education here can match anyone in the world. Secondly, Canada is an English speaking country with multicultural communities which is similar to my country and will make it easy for me to adapt to the environment during my studies.

Fortunately, I discovered the program offered by the University of Ottawa and I find it interesting, because of the course modules and the dynamic nature of the modules. The modules are exhaustive enough and are offered according to the faculty’s decision of what is best suited for the current bioinformatics need in the real world. Also, I appreciate the fact that the University of Ottawa is heavily invested in research, and ranks among the best research institutes in Canada, this is important to me because a course like this requires constant improvement to ensure that its program is in tune with what the world needs.

In conclusion, as the world is evolving the need for us to better understand our biological data traces is more pronounced than before. Getting trained in this course will help me acquire the skills and exposure that will set me on the path to contributing positively to the solutions that the world seeks.

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