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SOP/Personal Statement is a letter of intent written that highlights your personality, visions, beliefs, ideas, and experience.

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As you seek abroad study opportunities in Canada, Germany, USA, UK, Ireland, or China, you need a detailed Personal Statement that will stand out.


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Do you need assistance with your Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter/Letter of Intent?


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Regular Service :

(Entry-level professionals): 

5 Days Delivery | 1 Revisions

=N= 8,000

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Countries We Offer Our Services To

● United Kingdom
● United States of America
● Canada
● New Zealand
● Ireland
● Poland
● Sweden
● Germany
● Australia

SOP for Visa

● For Student
● For Work
● For Tourism
● For Scholarship
● For Relative/Spouse

SOP For Study

● For PhD
● For Graduate
● For MS
● For Internship
● For Law

In your statement, we explain your academic interests, your understanding of the
program, and your academic preparedness for the program(s) you are applying for. We
also explain your reasons for undertaking the program(s). Fasthire understands that
your SOP is an important part of your application so in your SOP we reflect your
academic motivation and suitability and explain how you can contribute academically to
the program.
In your SOP, we discuss the following:
● Your academic interests, strengths, and background relevant to the program (s)
● Areas of specific interest within the program(s)
● Academic preparedness for the program(s)
● Motivation for undertaking the program(s)
● Academic ambitions and/or research interests related to the program(s)
● Your professional aspirations and how academic work within the program can influence
your aspirations.
● Other relevant information, such as additional reading or research, work, or other relevant
experience that has informed your decision to apply for the particular program(s)
We ensure that your SOP(s):
● Is unique and plagiarism free.
● Is well-written, well-structured, and specific to the program(s) applied for.
● Is proofread before being uploaded, and the final correct versions are uploaded.
● Only include that which is relevant to your program choice(s). Additional information
regarding unrelated extra-curricular activities, personal achievements, or work experience
can be included in your CV. Need help writing your CV? Contact us today.
● Has your name and the title of your chosen program in the header or footer of every page.