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When applying for your university study in Health Informatics, it is important that you compose a good Health Informatics Personal Statement to convince the admission committee that you can meet their expectations for the program.

You can highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills to show that you have a good foundation for the nursing discipline. This Health Informatics Personal Statement was written for admission into the program of the University of Victoria Canada.

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Master’s in Health Informatics- Top Universities in Canada

  1. Dalhousie University
  2. University of Toronto
  3. University of Victoria
  4. University of Waterloo

Sample MSc Health Informatics Personal Statement

I am writing this letter to support my application for a place in your distinguished master’s program in Health Informatics.  I am a young woman who discovered her love for technology at an early age, especially through the use of computer syste4ms. My love for technology coupled with an interest to understand biological science has informed my academic choices from my undergraduate days to date.

I achieved my first degree from (…), where I earned a Bachelor of Technology in Microbiology with a graduating cumulative grade point of (…). After I graduated from the university, I found an application for my academic knowledge in the Traffic and Environmental Law Enforcement Agency. In this opportunity, I was actively involved in resolving daily and monthly data reports which required the deployment of data storage and analytics tools. While I can comfortably say that I enjoyed professional growth through this position, I was also motivated to begin my search for a master’s degree. I achieved another milestone while still at Traffic and Environmental Law Enforcement Agency when I bagged a Masters of Technology in Environmental Microbiology with a 4.70/5.00 cumulative grade point average.

After a period going through what seemed like a routine job for me, I proceeded to the healthcare sector where I accepted a job offer to work in a healthcare pharmaceutical company. It was in this career position that I began to see and understand the demands for advanced data storage tools. For example, I have observed how the data produced by different departments and sections of our company is not properly utilized because the data sources with which the company draws the conclusion for production and prospecting has significantly increased with the addition of new technological tools. So, seeing that using traditional tools to track and make meaning of relevant medical information is not only tedious and time-consuming but, also reduces the effectiveness of the information gathered, I began to fancy the opportunity to position myself to solve this problem in our company.

Without doubts, the application of technological innovations that highlight data analytics will make it easier to handle data, so, I am seeking admission to study health informatics so I can equip myself with the knowledge to contribute to this all-important area of healthcare administration. Also, seeing that most forward-thinking health companies are beginning to position themselves to adapt to the technological changes in data management, I am excited to position my carer for this field, hoping that I would spend the next reasonable years of my working years empowering cutting-edge information systems.

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While the admission selection process of the University of Victoria is competitive, I believe the University of Victoria has the perfect line-up of minimum and elective course modules that will prepare me to contribute effective and efficient solutions upon graduation. I look forward to modules in (…). Furthermore, I have been considering research work in the area of (…), in which Dr. xxx has shown his profound interest. And, I believe that with his guidance, I would be able to explore this area accurately and shed new light on this area of interest.

Two reasons that give me the conviction that I can excel in your distinguished and competitive Health Informatics program is my academic records from previous degrees, and my career experience working at a pharmaceutical company. Coming out with top grades during my Bachelor of Technology and Masters of Technology degrees, I believe I have received the foundation to excel in any academic program that highlights the application of technological knowledge. More so, having worked in a pharmaceutical company for over 2 years, I have gained knowledge of how to utilize Power BI, SQL to acquire, study, and process information. Strengthening my knowledge with this degree will give me the best opportunity to continue with my growth and transition to a Health Informatics Analyst or Clinical Informatics Analyst.

I am prepared and poised to garner new knowledge that will ensure my contribution to diagnostic and treatment, record keeping, classification and analysis of health data amongst others. The University of Victoria gives me the best opportunity to achieve this, and I look forward to your consideration to achieve the training that will enable me to progress into this field.

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