Birmingham City University MSc Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample
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This is a UCAS personal statement provided by a student who applied to Birmingham City University. Please only use this as a guide, do not copy it.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about Birmingham City University personal statement and UCAS personal statement in general.

What Your Birmingham City University MSc Personal Statement Should Cover

  1. Your background and intellectual trajectory.
  2. Why you picked the course and what importance it’ll be to your career.
  3. Why you picked Birmingham City University.
  4. What will make you a good addition to the program.
  5. How you plan on funding your program.

Length for Birmingham City University Personal Statement

Your statement is an important component of your application to any university in the UK. The general UCAS form allows a total of 4,000 characters or 47 lines (approximately 700 words).

What Happens When Your Personal Statement is Not Good

Most times when you submit your application and your personal statement didn’t fully convince the admission officer that you’re a suitable candidate for their program, they may give you a conditional offer of admission.

The conditional offer of admission comes with terms that you must meet. These terms also come with a request for you to submit a new personal statement, and a guide to the areas you need to cover. When this happens, follow the guide they gave and ensure you write your next statement to cover the relevant information that the admission committee pointed out. If you are uncertain of your ability to do this, then you need the help of a personal statement writer.

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Birmingham City University MSc Personal Statement Sample

I am writing to support my master’s application to the distinguished Project Management Program of Birmingham City University with the conviction that this program has the right set of modules to prepare me to handle advanced project management responsibilities upon completion. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with over 14 years of work experience covering administrative and managerial positions in different companies.

I am interested in this MSc in Project Management because it will support my professional growth into full-time project management roles. All through the course of my career, I have been actively involved in project management and execution through professional involvement. My professional career began in a construction company where I had the privilege to work closely with project managers observing the challenges, failures, and successes that project managers faced bringing projects to completion. As I progressed to the position of a supervisor at xxx- a real estate company, I began to implement knowledge from my previous experience in promoting teamwork and workplace collaboration. Recently, I have been directly involved in project management roles as a Supervisor Manager at xxx.

In all of my experience working with project managers, one of the things I have learnt is the importance of teamwork in executing projects. I have learnt that the success or failure of any project will always rest on the collective abilities of firstly, the crew involved and then the professionals managing it regardless of the social, political, or economic setting in which that project is being carried out. And, this is to say that; to be an effective project manager; one must possess a wide range of skills, many of which can only be gotten from formal learning. While I have enjoyed my experiences with project management thus far, I intend to focus fully on project management. Hence I am committed to studying for an MSc in Project Management to develop my skills and potentials to practice in this field.

I believe that studying at Birmingham City University will help me achieve my academic goals faster after comparing the facilities of this university to my other choices. I am coming from a construction background so the opportunity to gain hands-on field experience is very important to me and I understand that it is also included in the learning activities of this program. Importantly, my conviction to study here was strengthened after I went through the various student reviews and testimonies on different abroad studies portals.

Obtaining my BSc in Business Administration was challenging yet enjoyable and I believe that my academic performances in modules indicate my abilities as a student and my drive to attain academic success. Furthermore, my career journey demonstrates my advancement which has enabled me to gain a solid background of the demands of project management, and through active involvements, I have gained some of the necessary skills for a project manager. So, with my academic background and achievements on the professional fronts, I believe I will be a positive addition to your next class of project management students.

If accepted for this program, I would utilize every opportunity to enhance and broaden my professional skillset. My tuition will be settled from (….).Upon completion of this program, I plan to (…..).

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