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A recommendation letter is a written document by a referee that provides information about your skills, outstanding performances, and capabilities. It also gives details of your character, values, and goals that make you qualified and fit for a position.

What Is a Letter of Recommendation?

A recommendation letter is a written document by a referee that provides information about your skills, outstanding performances, and capabilities. It also gives details of your character, values, and goals that make you qualified and fit for a position. The referee can be your coach, lecturer, dean, mentor, teacher, principal, landlord, depending on what the letter is used for.

Students and professionals submit these recommendation letters for academic or employment purposes from time to time. In most cases, the admission board or the recruiter may request more than one recommendation letter from different referees, just to secure enough proof. In a case where you or your referee does not have the time to write one or you don’t know what to write, you can engage our service.

Letter of recommendation

Why Is Letter of Recommendation Important?

Letter of Recommendation is crucial and relevant, because, asides from your credentials and other documents you present, it serves as a direct and reliable testimony of your character, achievements, and skills. Hence, this is why you have to search carefully for the right person to help you with the letter. Note, it has to be someone who can pleasantly present you in a credible and positive light, such that when the admission board or a recruiter goes through the letter, they would find you a candidate worth the consideration.

Sometimes, people have been considered almost solely on their letter of recommendations written about them. For some schools, it’s a primary requirement, because they don’t just want to consider you based on your credentials alone, they also need to be convinced about your character and values. The same also goes for a recruiter. A letter from your former employer can go a long way in convincing the present employer of your credibility.

Why do people need a letter of recommendation writing services?

Sometimes when you need a recommendation letter, your referee might be too busy to get one ready for you, so, you may need the help of professionals who can help you put together a convincing recommendation, which you can submit to your referee to make final adjustments then sign.

Hence, that’s where recommendation letter writing services comes in. They come in to give you the dream letter you want, with the right information included, and save you the stress of thinking about what to do and what not to do. With recommendation writing services, you stand a high percent chance of landing your dream job or securing the admission of your choice.

Types of letter of recommendation

  • Academic letter of recommendation:

This is the kind of letter written when applying for studies. It is usually requested by the admission board alongside your other documents and they can even request up to three letters of recommendation. It allows the admission members to vet your application from a more credible point of view. This kind of letter can be written by either, your former teacher, counselor, coach, or someone who has first-hand experience with you in the academic environment.

  • Employment letter of recommendation:

Some companies and recruiters specifically request this kind of letter alongside your CV, cover letter, and any other document. This letter is usually provided by your former employer, or your senior at your previous place of work. This gives them ample opportunity to hear from someone who observed your character and values in the work environment.


  • Character letter of recommendation:

This letter of recommendation is usually requested, to ascertain your behavioural capabilities while considering you for an offer or an accommodation. Your former landlord can write this kind of letter for you just to give credence to your testimony and to have someone they reference in the case of any eventualities. 

What makes a good recommendation letter?

A good letter of recommendation should be a makeup of the following:

  • Skills, Goals, and Achievements: A good letter of recommendation should clearly state and explain these qualities. A credible recommendation letter should include one or two of your outstanding achievements in the past and it should explain why you’re the perfect candidate for the admission or job.
  • Referee Experience: A good recommendation letter should highlight atleast one personal experience your referee has had with you. This is what stands them out as the perfect referee to prepare this document.
  • Positive Character Traits: This is a major purpose the recommendation letter serves, to highlight your characters and values, and how you've interacted with your peers and colleagues in the past, and even how you handle challenging situations.
  • Contact of your referee: The contact address of your referee is important information that should be added to the recommendation letter. If this information is not included, it's as good as not submitting a letter of recommendation, because there is no way to reach your referee and ascertain the credibility of their testimony.

How long should a letter of recommendation be?

A recommendation letter should be concise, but it should also include the necessary details required. It should not be too long, in such a way that the reader(s) gets bored, one page is enough for an LOR.

Why should you choose us?

With our vast experience working with employers and employees, we know exactly what is needed and necessary for any kind of recommendation letter you need, and with our track record of delivering excellent service, you can sure trust us to make your investment worthwhile.

How it works?

If you’re interested in using our LOR writing service, here’s what to do and how it works

  • Send us a request for an LOR either via mail, call, or through our social media handles.
  • A staff will attend to you and ask you follow-up questions concerning what kind of recommendation letter you need, whom we are writing it on behalf of, your achievements, and some skills and characters you want us to highlight.
  • You’ll be requested to send us a mail containing your details and that of the person we are writing on behalf.
  • We write based on the information we’ve gathered from you.
  • Run the written sample through plagiarism checker.
  • Send you the preview copy for your consideration.
  • Take into consideration any adjustment or addition you may have. Work on the document to produce the final copy based on your contributions.
  • Finalize your work and send you the final copy.

What you’ll get

  • Excellent work that highlights all the requirements of a good recommendation letter.
  • Customer support
  • 1 review
  • Quick delivery (2-5 working days)

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

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Ayotunde Ifeozo
Assistant Manager

Letter of recommendation fee

Letter of recommendation fee

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2-5 Days Delivery | 2 Revisions

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2-5 Days Delivery | 2 Revisions

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