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When applying for admission for abroad studies, you’re usually expected to include a personal statement. The statement of purpose gives the admission committee insight into your decision and preparedness for the program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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Personal Statement Example for Educational Psychology

As an Educator, understanding how my students learn is important to me for many reasons; firstly, it helps me put into consideration the individual learning patterns of my students. And, secondly, it guides me in developing teaching methods that are effective for my class. The fascinating thing about my line of profession is that we are not only tasked with the responsibility of building the intellectual acumen of our students, we are also interested in their social, emotional and cognitive developments.

I have been gainfully employed as a teacher for the past 9 months, and in this period, I have come to appreciate the importance of incorporating educational psychology into our schooling systems. By doing this, Educators will better understand how years of conditioning, learned behaviours, and cognition can be harnessed to give students better learning experiences. Initially, I did not see the need for a formal background in this aspect of academics, but as I continued to apply the little knowledge about educational psychology from television programs, I began to recognize the difference in my ability to deliver better teaching experience to my students.

Though I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, my professional experience has been in the educational sector where I have been able to apply my science knowledge in educating students in some of the basic sciences. Through my teaching experience, I have also developed important interpersonal skills including communication, teamwork, effective planning, employee relations, and leadership. And, these are some of the key skills that have made me enjoy my teaching experience, and I look forward to transferring them to this program.

My first motivation for seeking a Psychology degree stems from my experience as an educator; but, I also understand that Psychology is a fascinating course with the diverse application. Psychology helps us as humans understand everything that has to do with life, both mentally, psychically and business-wise. Studying psychology is going to broaden my knowledge and make me understand different things about myself, people and the society we live in. With the knowledge that I will gain, I will have the opportunity to interpret people’s behavioural patterns and understand the right contributions to make when faced with complex psychological responsibilities. Hence, I am open to applying the knowledge that I will gain from studying psychology either in the education, business or health sector.

Amongst the options to pick for this program, I have opted for the University of Lethbridge because of its experienced faculty members. By learning from faculty members that are consistent with their contribution to the field of psychology, I am confident of getting the best academic experience. Secondly, after a look at some of the course modules for this program, I am satisfied to see modules that cover the areas of my interest going into this program. Also, I will be putting in a lot of hardwork to ensure excellence in this program, and I will be aiming for the University of Lethbridge’s “Honours Thesis” designation once I maintain a good GPA by my fourth year.

Truthfully, my Biochemistry degree is not a good reflection of my academic strength. Over the years through working as a teacher, I have gained a better understanding of what makes a student excel in their studies, and I have worked on the things that cost me good grades including my lackadaisical attitude. I believe that I will make a better student this time, because, I am coming with a new purpose and inspiration for this program, not to mention my personal goal to rewrite the mistakes from my first degree.

Conclusively, I am hard-working, pragmatic, and a good communicator, I look forward to joining your next batch of students for this program. Thank you for your consideration.

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