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Personal statements are written to communicate your background and why you want to join a particular course. When applying to the University of Brighton, applicants are faced with the task of writing a personal statement for the University of Brighton which most times doesn’t come off as an easy task. So, we are presenting a sample University of Brighton Personal Statement which was submitted by another applicant to guide you when writing yours.

More so, we’ve used this post to answer some questions about personal statement writing and provide more samples for other universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries.

P.S: This sample Personal Statement provided here is solely for education purpose, do not copy it. If you need assistance writing yours, click here to hire our experts today.

How to Write University of Brighton Personal Statement

When writing your personal statement for University of Brighton, you have to understand and follow the UCAS personal statement guides.

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Getting Started:

  • Writing a good personal statement takes time, so be patient during this process. Don’t be shy to write and rewrite until you get your best statement. Remember that the quality of your statement will determine if you’ll be accepted or rejected for your desired course.
  • Start on time; don’t wait until it’s a few days to the deadline.
  • Do thorough research about the University of Brighton and the course that you’re applying to. Learn all you can about the trends in that discipline and it’ll help you harness your ideas.
  • Take out time to see what others who have applied for similar programs have written and you’ll be better prepared to start yours.
  • Note: Reading samples online is good to get ideas of how to effectively structure your statement, however, it should not be a means to copy people’s work and pass it as yours. You may be flagged for plagiarism.


  • When you’re set to write, the best thing to do is structure your statement into an outline (see outline below). Have an idea of what you would want to cover at the end of the day with your statement.
  • You can start by addressing those areas you want to cover differently without really connecting them. The idea is to have general points for the different sections of your statement and you can focus on connecting them later.
  • Write expressively and don’t bother about correctness and grammar during this stage. Your idea is to first transfer your thoughts into writing and you can think of arranging them later.
  • After you’ve got your draft, take a break.
  • Return to the draft at a later time and take an overview of the draft you’ve come up with; the reason is to see the areas that your statement is lacking and then address them so it can flow.
  • After addressing all the areas of your outline and ensuring that they make good meaning, work towards connecting the paragraphs to form a single document that is well-structure. In other words, this is the point where you connect your paragraphs and ensure the stories/claims add up.

Areas you should be interested in covering when writing your statement include:

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of program to your career
  4. Why you picked the UK and the University of Brighton
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program
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Sample University of Brighton Personal Statement

I wish to use this personal statement to register my interest in pursuing a Master’s in Marketing with a focus on digital marketing at the University of Brighton for the xx academic session, 2020. Coming from a xxx background and having worked as an xxx, I am fascinated by technology and the revolution that digital technology is championing in our business world and I am interested in plugging into the global revolution. My first introduction to digital marketing in a formal setting came while partnering on an internal project that required us to reach a young demographic that we predicted to spend more time on the internet, and hence we had to devise strategies to reach them online via digital marketing channels.

That experience helped me attain basic knowledge of digital marketing like content marketing, and search engine marketing. More so, it piqued my interest to become deeply rooted in this area of science and business as it will greatly benefit my career. Pursuing a degree in digital marketing is important to my career, especially in this age and time when marketing is an important skill for professionals to possess regardless of their discipline or positions. Secondly, learning digital marketing will help me tap into my logical thinking while I combine my knowledge of programming and arithmetic to interpret data from campaigns. Importantly, obtaining this degree will further give me versatility and indicate to employers that I will be an effective addition to their team because of my quest for improved knowledge and specialization.

I hold a first degree in Computer Science (bachelor) from the xxx, and I have obtained relevant industrial and technical training that will play a decisive role in helping me excel in this program. Upon my graduation from undergraduate studies, I kick-started my career as an xxx, and currently, I am working as an xxx. These academic and career experiences have given me the faith and confidence that I will not only excel in this study but that I will excel in applying the skills that I will gain from this program in my career.

While I have chosen to study digital marketing because of the advantage it holds for my career, I was careful to search for accredited programs that combine both the theory and practice of marketing to groom students. Fortunately, I discovered this program offered by the University of Brighton and I believe that it will be a good fit for me because of the course content, placement opportunity, and quality of lecturers. Without any doubt, I stand a better opportunity studying for this degree outside of xxx because it will enable me to overcome some of the limitations and academic constraints that I would face. More so, the professional-standard facilities, expert tutors, inclusivity and sustainability of the University of Brighton make it an ideal place for me.

Asides from work and career, I like to say that I am friendly because I find it easy to understand people and make friends with them. When I am not working, I spend some time to…… These activities help me to stay in touch with people around me and the environment, and I believe it will be an advantage for me during interactive lectures, group projects, and faculty exhibitions.

In conclusion, during this master’s study in digital marketing, I expect to get a good dose of knowledge that will qualify me to fit into any Digital Marketing Manager, Search Manager, Analytics Manager, or Customer Relationship Marketing and email marketing manager. I look forward to the consideration of the admission committee of the University of Brighton to achieve this career target.

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