Memorial University of Newfoundland Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample

Every candidate applying to the graduate program of the Memorial University of Newfoundland is expected to include a personal statement/statement of purpose. The personal statement serves as an essay to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program. It goes hand in hand with other relevant documents (CV, transcript, reference) for your application

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Word Count for Memorial University of Newfoundland Personal Statement

The official website of the Memorial University of Newfoundland outlines one page as the acceptable length for their personal statement. That is to say, a 500 words personal statement is ideal. However, some departments could be specific about their requirements for a statement, and this is usually within 500-1000 words.

What Your Statement Cover

  • A brief statement about who you are – e.g., relevant background, current employment
  • An explanation of why you’re applying – What sparked your desire to pursue graduate studies? Why MUN’s Faculty of Education in particular?
  • Why the specific degree and concentration for which you’re applying? Feel free to share both personal and professional reasons for your interest in the program and be as specific as possible.
  • An explanation of why you’re a good candidate for the program – Describe the relevant experience, both professional and academic. Don’t just reiterate what’s in your CV. Rather, highlight points (positions, volunteer work, awards, publications, etc.), making it clear how they relate to the specific program you’re applying for.
  • Honestly address any gaps or issues in your undergraduate academic record.
  • How you will use what you learn to grow and to contribute to your field of study.
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Memorial University of Newfoundland Personal Statement Sample

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as a dedicated and forward-thinking team player. I earned my Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences at xxx. Though I won’t go on to practice as a Biological Scientist, however, it was through this undergraduate study that I developed some of my career skills that have helped define my future.

Throughout my university studies, I stayed active on campus; joining a faculty sports team, research and volunteer groups. As an appreciation for my dedication and support, I received a couple of recognition from some of these organizations. More so, I had other experiences including being appointed as the treasure of my department which set me up for leadership and enabled me to develop key career skills needed in the corporate world. Hence, looking back at my undergraduate experience, it’s safe to say that I achieved a complete learning experience.

After my graduation in 2008, I could not find opportunities suitable for my course of study, so I had to adapt to the reality of the current economy. I took up a Sales Representative job at xxx. Working as a Sales Representative exposed me to a lot of business processes including branding, promotion, sales and marketing of products and services. I had to quickly learn about the exciting business environment. After over 2 years working as a Sales Representative, I got an opportunity to join an oil and gas servicing company as Protocol Lead, and in 2016 I got transferred offshore to one of its client’s facilities to resume the role of Logistics Personnel. Though I didn’t have an engineering background in school, I believe that I’ve been able to excel in the engineering sector because of my ability to combine everyday knowledge with personal abilities to create value for my employers which has enabled me to enjoy a successful career in Logistics.

I find logistics as a dynamic career that demands knowledge of different other fields. For instance, logistics personnel are expected to be equipped with sound management, presentation, prospecting, budgeting, and designing abilities. Currently, my interest is to develop advanced management, budgeting, and business planning skills which a graduate diploma in Business Administration will offer me. More so, from recent experiences, I can see my future responsibilities staring at me and they involve a combination of logistics and corporate management.

Studying for a diploma in Business Administration at the Memorial University of Newfoundland will develop my expertise in research, decision-making, strategy development, and international business operations. It’ll also elevate my potential in my career and offer me both the classroom and field exposure needed to handle projects in my industry. Furthermore, I have done thorough research on this program including lecture venues, lecturers, and teaching methods, and I am pleased with this University.

I am prepared for this study because of the avenues of growth that it will open for me upon graduation, and I will be more than glad to be among your next class for this course. I look forward to your consideration.

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