3 Good University Short Personal Statement Examples

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If you are applying for a school program that requires a personal statement that is less than 500 words, you’ll need a good short personal statement to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided these short personal statement examples to guide you in writing your 500 words SOP. Since, it is just 500 words, you need to maximize the points you make and ensure every sentence or paragraph is written to highlight why you are suitable and prepared for the program. Do not copy the personal statements given here, only use them as a source of inspiration.

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Guide to Write a Perfect Short Personal Statement in Less Than 500 Words;

To help you write a perfect personal statement in less than 500 words, here is a template to guide you;

  1. Paragraph one: Intellectual trajectory and why this degree is important at this stage.
  2. Paragraph two: Why the country and university is the preferred choice.
  3. Paragraph three: Skills, competencies, and hobbies that will be relevant for this study.
  4. Paragraph four: Why will you be a good fit for this program/
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Short Personal Statement Example for Business Management (430 Words)

I have been involved in business development and management for over 4 years. My introduction to business management came early; helping my parents run their grocery store. This early exposure increased my drive for business, and together with my siblings, we helped my parents advance their business from 20 customers to over 50 daily customers. Hence, I can say that my entrepreneurial background is based on the influence of my parents.

I proceeded to study Banking and Finance for my undergraduate degree. The program gave me a comprehensive understanding of business management through specific courses that covered marketing, operations, finance, business development, information technology, and business strategies and policy development. It was through this course that I gained adequate knowledge, understanding, and insight to launch my banking career.

After 8 years working in two financial institutions in business development positions, I reached a level where I gained enough knowledge, insight, and understanding to strive in the business world and unleash my entrepreneurial ambitions. In response to a market opportunity that I discovered within (….), I cofounded (….) – a food service and household utility company with my wife. Currently, we cater for over 1,000 families and also boast a staff strength of about (….). Initially, our operations were driven by traditional business and marketing tools, but upon the introduction of tech-driven innovations like our mobile app, we have been able to attract more customers.

After seeing how technological innovations can influence rapid growth in our business, I am now poised to make an academic investment that will bring me up to speed and instil in me the insight to capitalize on technology in my entrepreneurial pursuit. Our goal (My wife and I) is to expand our market audience which is primarily (….) based to other big cities in Singapore while also improving our staffing strength to provide employment opportunities for the Singapore economy.

After thorough research and recommendation from other business associates, I have chosen to go ahead with the Master’s Program in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology of the University of Waterloo. I particularly like the course modules; they have been designed to help students gain business skills that will help them create, and commercialize business solutions. More so, I am pleased with the experience of the lecturers and the learning facilities available for this program.

Conclusively, successful businesses heavily rely on knowledge to inform various critical business decisions. It is on this knowledge that I believe that this program will equip me with the knowledge to properly utilize technology to create a competitive advantage in our present business sector.

Statement of Purpose for Computational Sciences (400 Word)

We are currently in the times where our technological and computing activities are being influenced by data analytics and high-performance computing systems. They are now indispensable to cater for our design and development processes across different sectors from the traditional science and engineering domain to other key sectors including; medicine, finance, education, amongst others. I am excited at the prospect of devoting my time to gaining knowledge of computational science which I believe is a dynamic and advancing discipline that will give me refined numerical simulation knowledge that will be needed for product design and creation.

I currently work in a sensitive and fast-paced position as a Research Engineer with the (….). The experience gained in this field constantly reminds me of the importance of having a robust knowledge of computer science to advance within the field of atmospheric science. In a recent exhibition, I worked on an unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned ground vehicle using 3D modelling on Solidworks, and was made to run a thermal structural analysis using (….). Afterwards, I was tasked to develop a Simulink presentation using reference material and implemented dynamic equations that gave a thorough representation of my work. Through this assignment, I was reminded once again how my responsibilities coincided with the application of modern computing facilities for experimentation and project delivery; which has made me reach the realization that my career will experience a remarkable development with specialized education in computer science.

Furthermore, I picked this MSc in Computational Science because (……). And, coming from an engineering background, my first degree has given me the theoretical and practical background to excel in any program that utilizes research, physic, chemistry, and mathematics. As an undergraduate, I excelled in course work related to calculus, statistics, differential equation, and programming, which will play important roles in helping me combine my course works during this program.

Concerning my future goals, I plan to (….). Hence, by studying for this master’s at Uppsala University and gaining the knowledge, perspective, and research experience necessary to be relevant in my future career endeavours, I hope to continue my contribution towards the space ambition of the Federal Republic of (…).

If accepted into this program, my preferred study track will be (…..). By studying in this program and going through the project, I expect to have the expertise, perspective, and experience necessary to inspire growth in my chosen field.

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Statement of Purpose for Doctor of Philosophy in Population Health (423 Words)

The fragility of human lives demands earnest desperation to safeguard it. The dependence of the entire cosmos on humans makes their lives a haven that must not be jeopardized by sicknesses, diseases, infirmities and any life-threatening situations. This has been my mantra as a human and as a healthcare worker thus far. I believe in the possibility of good health for all humans and I have always contributed my quota to make this a reality. In furtherance of my commitment to this possibility, I apply for this Doctor of Philosophy in Population Health. 

The study of Medical Laboratory Science at the xxx University initiated my metamorphosis from a passionate dreamer to a potential lifesaver. While in the university, my interest was glued to studying and diagnosis of diseases of the tissues and so I majored in histopathology. My varying researches include: undergraduate, the effect of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius leaf extract on paracetamol poisoning of the liver of adult wista rats; post-graduate, the management of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea diseases of childhood in South Africa and burden of human coronaviruses infection in children hospitalized with severe lower respiratory tract infection in Cape Town. I have amassed hands-on experiences and skills working either as a histologist or laboratory scientist in different hospitals across South Africa. With a broader work and educational experience, professional training, numerous certificates, awards, health-related publications and a renewed sense of academic priorities, I believe I can fulfil all requisite requirements to obtain a DPhil in population health.

The DPhil in Population Health is my ideal choice because it is designed to equip students with the right research skills, competence and confidence to conduct rigorous population health research for local and international organizations, while also helping people live longer and healthier lives. After this DPhil programme, I aspire to work for international health organizations and pharmaceutical companies, where I could use my skills to translate research into real-world solutions that will improve access to medicines for neglected tropical diseases.  The skills acquired in DPhil will come in handy while I shall carry out an assessment of liver multimorbidities for individuals with schistosome infections in rural Uganda.

I have chosen to study at the University of Oxford because it embodies unmatchable academic capability and potential to inculcate standard, up-to-date knowledge, skills in population health through research courses, training and projects. I believe that the University of Oxford will pose no threat to my intellectual, academic and financial capabilities. Proudly, I am confident that I will be an enviable asset for research and classroom interactions.

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