University of Birmingham Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample

We have provided a sample personal statement for University of Birmingham to help guide you while writing yours. Use this as a guide only; also consult other information sources to get a grounded knowledge of how to write University of Birmingham personal statement.

Before we provide the personal statement sample, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about the UCAS and University of Birmingham personal statements.

Length of University of Birmingham Personal Statement

The University of Birmingham personal statement is usually between 500-1000 words. However, some departments may have specific requirements which you need to adhere to. Ensure you read the course page properly for what they want you to write about

University of Birmingham vs. Birmingham City University

Most people mistake the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University (abbrev BCU). While both schools are located in Birmingham, England, the two schools are different. The University of Birmingham is the largest in the city of Birmingham followed by BCU. The other three universities in the city include Aston University, University College Birmingham, and Newman University.

What Makes a Good Personal Statement for University of Birmingham

When writing your personal statement for University of Birmingham, at least 75% of your statement should cover your interest in the course and how it will help you achieve your future goals. The remaining 25% should be about your relevant achievements that can show the admission committee that you’ll be a good addition to their program.

Areas to Cover in Your Statement

  • Talk About Yourself
  • Your intellectual trajectory
  • Why you want the degree and how it’ll impact your future goals.
  • Why the University and country (for foreign students).
  • Why you’ll be a good fit for this program. Include skillset
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Personal Statement for University of Birmingham (MBA)

My desire for personal development coupled with work experience from a Financial Technology company inspires me to progress in my academics with an MBA from one of the leading Universities in the terrain of Business Administration. During my early career as Operations Personnel, I happened to work with portfolio managers to support investment decisions and strategies which helped me to develop business management skills, and the idea to align my career to serve in the international business space. Though I have entertained the idea of pursuing an MBA for over 4 years, my experience at work during the Covid-19 pandemic proved that it was time to gain the exposure of a business degree. Owing to the global Covid-19 pandemic, my company suffered from low sales and revenue generation, the company’s management formed a committee to devise new strategies to ensure profitable operations. Being a member of this committee was a turning point for me as it opened my eyes to new possibilities as a result of the discussions held during our meetings. For instance, during some of those meetings, management staff constantly referred to case studies from their MBA when making suggestions to tackle issues. These meetings made it clear to me that the realization of an MBA was pertinent to bridge the gap and was a positive step in the right direction.

More so, through my career experiences, I have witnessed the evolution of business processes, and how the integration of digital technology into management, marketing and business administration has enabled businesses to expand beyond geographical boundaries. This means more opportunities for competitive firms to explore, and equally more responsibilities and demands on the key drivers of this growth process. I have always believed in going the extra mile to ensure excellence in my delivery even from my early career days, so, enrolling for training and workshops to maintain consistent growth in my services comes naturally to me. During my undergraduate studies, I went beyond academic work to realize valuable traits in management and leadership. Hence, moving into the professional front, I desired to be part of the management team in a growth-driven organization contributing my knowledge in creating an effective organisational structure that will match the standard of similar businesses across the globe. 

Working at XXXX as an XXXX, I am responsible for assessing the creditworthiness of clients. The company also entrusted me with the responsibility of analyzing credit and producing clear and objective reports to support current and future financial projections. Through this process, I have improved on my analytical skills and also my decision-making abilities, and since this company supports growth contributions from all professional levels, there’s a huge opportunity for its workers to flex their creative muscles and contribute innovative solutions that help grow the company and increase its competitive advantage. Motivated by these opportunities, I have made it a habit to enrol for at least 2 professional training yearly to stay updated with recent happening in the business world while gaining fresh insight on my areas of interest. Recently, I enrolled on a Business Data-Analytics course to complement my knowledge gap in data analysis, and before that, I did a Mini-MBA program with xxx. This time, I want to make a bigger commitment to my future, and it will involve developing refined knowledge in the area of business management.

Fortunately for me, I discovered the University of Birmingham as one of the top universities with a good record of grooming business managers. The modules for the MBA International Business encompasses my areas of interest including; accounting for Managers, Finance for Managers, Human Resource Management, International Business, Strategic Analysis of Business, Global Marketing Leadership and International Business Experience. With the knowledge from these modules, I will have a robust profile to prospect for greater professional opportunities

If accepted into this program, I will bring with me a blend of professional and interpersonal skills. My greatest strengths can be found in my persistence, intellectual curiosity (always questioning the process and finding newer more effective ways to get things done), listening, understanding, and ability to communicate complex instructions in simple terms. Upon completion of my studies, I want to use my gained knowledge to improve my results in the areas of business and finance management. I desire to be an active component in the solutions to challenges that plague effective execution of Innovation, Growth and Digital Execution in Africa and Nigeria in particular. I believe that enrolling for this MBA will bridge my knowledge gap in a lot of business areas, and I am ready to work to earn good grades from this prestigious University. I look forward to your consideration.

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