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When applying for admission through UCAS, you’re usually expected to include a personal statement. The statement of purpose gives the admission committee insight into your decision and preparedness for the program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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UCAS Medical Science Personal Statement Example

My name is xxx an 18 years old student interested in pursuing a degree in one of the medical sciences. Many things have influenced my decision to study in this field and chief amongst them is that I see this field and the disciplines related to it as purposeful and noble. Especially because of how it relies on a scientific foundation and inherent human behaviour like compassion. Furthermore, I am fascinated by the medical sciences because of the multifaceted and rewarding career paths that come with it, which are essential to meet the increasing demand for healthcare in our society today. As the world population continues to grow rapidly, so has the demand for practitioners who can cater for the health and social care needs of our expanding age groups. Hence, I am motivated by these things to pursue a career in the medical science field and serve as a meaningful addition to the healthcare industry of my country.

I recently completed my college education (2015) at xxx where I excelled with top grades in my final exams including Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Health Education (B), and Mathematics (A). My success in this area gives me the confidence that with hard work, commitment, and desire for consistent personal development, I will also excel in my given course of study. During my college study, I found science courses interesting, and as I progressed in college, my interest in medical sciences developed into a strong commitment. Now, I am more mature with a better picture of where I want to head with my care, and I believe that my inherent qualities and interest in people will make it easy to excel in my career prospect.

Regardless of my interest, I understand that sometimes, just the passion is not enough as I need to arm myself with the knowledge and exposure to perform effectively in this highly sensitive field that deals with human lives. I have chosen to study in the United Kingdom because the United Kingdom has one of the best education and healthcare industries in the world. The ability to achieve excellence in these two industries is admirable and motivates me to pursue a study opportunity in the United Kingdom, where I will have the opportunity to immerse myself in an education system where I can develop into a world-class practitioner through excellent study programs. While I could have also studied this course in my home country, it is sad to admit that the level of exposure and expertise of the medical science courses in the UK trumps what I will get if I enrol for this course in my country. More so, I have chosen the United Kingdom instead of other countries like the United States of America, Canada, and Germany because the UK is a more familiar culture to me, and the distance from home is closer than the other preferred countries.

I understand that working in the medical field requires patience, hard work, courage, compassion, and teamwork among others, and I believe that I am a suitable candidate because I naturally possess the skills that will make me a good fit for this industry. Recently, I demonstrated my capacity to learn fast during my Spanish Language course in college; I did not only pass with good grades but I also emerged in first overall in Spanish in my school. So, I am confident that I will be quick to learn and adapt to the learning culture of the United Kingdom.

Conclusively, I have always dreamt of a career that is challenging but will allow me to make a difference in people’s daily lives. Being accepted into this program will make all the difference as it will be the stepping stone for me to study and build the career of my dreams. Thank you, and I look forward to your consideration.

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