University of Plymouth Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample
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When applying for admission into the University of Plymouth, you’re expected to include a personal statement. The personal statement gives the admission committee more insight into your decision and motivation to study that particular program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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How To Write a Personal Statement at Plymouth University?

We recommend you start by creating a checklist of why you want to apply for our course and what you hope to achieve. Next, jot down key points to include about previous study, work/voluntary experience, awards/achievements and personal interests.

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University of Plymouth Personal Statement in Data and Business Analytics

I am writing to register my interest in the Master’s programme in Data and Business Analytics at the University of Plymouth. Aside from the benefits of better career prospects that I will derive with this degree, another reason why I am interested in this programme is that it matches my interests and aligns with my career trajectory. Firstly, I am a Sales Specialist with experience working in different product development and product evaluation teams. In the process of developing products, companies go through many steps to test the acceptability of their product which involves the contribution from different departments and personnel. These processes are both tedious and require the keen eyes of professionals with knowledge of both data and business analysis to validate product performance and gauge product-market fit.

In my current role as Field Sales Team Lead, I am constantly at the forefront of different data-intensive operations. From the moment a product is launched to when it gets to the market to when we receive customer feedback, there is always a large pool of data waiting for my team to sort, validate, analyze, and utilize for our next sales action. More so, I still have the responsibility to work with other departments to analyze different metrics to remove wrong indicators and outliers and categorize the remaining data in groups to make meaning and enhance product adoption. While this process is important for a company’s growth, technological advancements have contributed to its complexity, thereby making it paramount for professionals involved in any form of data management to possess advanced skills from formal training that will equip them to maintain relevance in the highly competitive workspace.

Studying for this degree is therefore important for me to develop knowledge of advanced analytical tools to improve my proficiency with data analytics tools and business analysis. While there are many applications for data science, I am interested in applying my knowledge in data science in the business terrain. With my knowledge from this course, I believe I will be better at proffering business solutions when it comes to product testing, market evaluation, and growth hacking. This is one reason why this programme offering that combines data science and business analytics is appealing to me. With my work experience, I am fully aware of the importance of data-driven solutions to both start-ups and large corporations, and I look forward to improving my career prospects with this degree.

What primarily attracted me to the University of Plymouth MSc programme is the fact that the programme combines data science and business analytics giving me the advantage of gaining knowledge of two different but interwoven aspects of our modern economy. I believe that to gain sound knowledge and effective skills, the academic environment is a crucial factor. I love that this university is committed to uncovering the strengths of its students, because it is one thing to be taught, and it is another thing to be developed. While I have a science background (BSc), my knowledge of data and business analysis has been derived from experience, with the student community of this university, I will have the opportunity to join an alumni community that will help me stay on a constant growth loop, which will be an added advantage over my contemporaries.

Conclusively, we are in the era of big data, and understanding how to manage and use different data sources is now a much-needed skill for professionals in my field. With this programme, I will be better at proffering effective and efficient business solutions. I already have a strong science background (bachelor’s degree), and proficiency in data visualization, SQL, product analytics and Python; so, I am confident that I will excel in this programme and be a good addition to your next class. Thank you for your consideration.

University of Plymouth Personal Statement Checklist

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How Long Does Plymouth University Take To Reply?

Our decision

For our standard courses (excluding health courses and some art courses that require a portfolio or audition), you will receive a decision about your application within 14 days of application submission. You’ll also be notified by the UCAS Hub system if you have been unsuccessful in your application.

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