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Below you’ll find an MBA SOP sample that was submitted by a successful candidate for Masters in Business Administration at the University Canada West (UCW).

About University of Canada West:

The University of Canada West popularly known as UCW is an innovative, teaching-focused, business and technology-oriented institution in Canada offering undergraduate and graduate degrees for domestic and international students. The university is a dynamic and growing institution defined by its close connections to the business community and a commitment to outstanding student services.

Because of its focus on developing international leaders in various business sectors, it is your responsibility to show through your SOP/Personal Statement that your background (academic, volunteer, career etc) aligns with the mission of the institution.

SOP for Admission vs. SOP for Study Visa

While there’s SOP for admission and SOP for student visa application, this sample is for student admission. This was submitted by a successful applicant for the MBA program at the University of Canada for the 2021 program.

Tips to Help You Craft a Good MBA Statement of Purpose for University Canada West

  1. Ensure you personalize your Statement: The admission committee receives tonnes of applications yearly, they are more interested in knowing you as who you are and not who you think you should be. They would like to learn about you, why have you decided to take this career path, what challenges have you overcome thus far, what is your passion etc.
  2. Get familiar with the University and what it stands for: Learn about the university, its culture, its mission, vision, values. Find out their history, how have they come this far. Where are their campuses located? what is their tuition? etc.
  3. Understand the course you’re going for: Even if you’re making a career change, arm yourself with adequate knowledge of the course you’re applying for. This will give you insight into important points that will show your love and passion for the course.
  4. Sound Convincing: For MBA statement of purpose for admission, ensure you provide enough detail to show that this program will help you take your career to the next level.
  5. Proofread for grammar and typos: Check for grammar and typos, you’re done with your application, before you hit that send button, ensure you run it through grammar checking tools like Grammarly, or ask trusted friends to help you proofread your SOP.
  6. Proofread for conviction: Get one or two trusted persons to go through your application and give you feedback if the personal statement sounded convincing enough.
  7. Make changes accordingly: Based on the feedback you get from each step, ensure you make the required adjustments.
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MBA SOP Sample University Canada West

Some things come natural; call it flairs, talents or abilities embedded upon a person or group of persons. However, harnessing these abilities is a function of education, training, exposure, environment etc.

I am xxx, from XXXX. We are known for our hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. Trade and commerce come naturally to us because we are most times born into homes where parents and siblings are highly involved in the business. I grew up helping my mother run her small scale retail business which helped her to contribute significantly to our family finances and this made me model business acumen and resilience from my mother. While I loved entrepreneurship, I also had flair for Engineering. This influenced my decision to study Chemical Engineering at my graduate level.

During my undergraduate studies, I started my entrepreneurial journey when I founded my first company Renewcycle- a recycling and renewable energy company in the year xxx. While starting, I heard a lot of people advise me to stay focused because most businesses fail in their first 2-3 years. It’s over 4 years now, and I have successfully lead my renewable energy company to gain market position and relevance with a consistent increase in revenue and market share. Currently, we have over 20 direct staff and xx contract staff who are directly involved in the research, product design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of our products. My inspiration comes from the difference we are making in a country bedevilled with a high rate of energy scarcity. I hope that our impact will cut across more African states contributing positively to the economic development of our beloved continent.

But, operating, scaling, and sustaining a business in Africa- a continent with socio-economic and political challenges has been a challenge for me. And with the current expansion plans which will enable us to cover more geopolitical locations thereby extending our impacts, there’s a need for adequate preparation.

Consequently, there is a need for me to gain advanced managerial skills, relevant education and international exposure to enable me to navigate the challenges ahead in other to ensure desired results.

With the combination of my academic background, passion, and career experience, I seek to study Business Administration at the University Canada West. This will be an opportunity for me to obtain international exposure, gain global business perspectives as well as share knowledge and insight with people from diverse cultures. Canada as a country is known around the globe for its world-class learning institution, and I believe that I will have the best experience learning international best practices in leadership, business development and management.

Equipped with the experiences and skills that I will gain, I believe I will have increased my chances of achieving my goals in the existing business environment. I also intend to support other entrepreneurs especially youths starting to build their businesses through training, mentorship programs, etc. In future, I plan to have a foundation that supports young entrepreneurs in Africa just like the one founded by the Philanthropist Tony Elumelu. I hope that the exposure and networks gained through this program will come in handy to achieve that plan.

I look forward to being part of the next class for the MBA program at the University Canada West. Thank you in anticipation of a positive response.

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