Seoul National University Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample
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A study personal statement is a written essay that helps you communicate your values to an admission committee. It tells your reviewer why you’re a good fit for the course and what addition you’ll make as a student.

When applying to Seoul National University, you’re faced with the task of writing a personal statement as part of your admission requirements. Through this statement, you have to address why you chose Seoul National University in the UK. So, we are presenting a sample that was written by one of our experts to guide you when writing yours.

P.S: This Seoul National University Personal Statement provided here is solely for educational purposes, do not copy it. If you need assistance writing yours, click here to hire our experts today.

Seoul National University Personal Statement Sample

Why You Should Choose Seoul National University

Since its foundation in 1946, Seoul National University has been the undisputed leader of higher education in Korea and has established a global reputation. Its graduates have long served as leaders in Korean society and the international community.

How You Can Get Admitted to Seoul National University

How does SNU decide whom to admit? Admission decisions are based on several factors, including academic achievement such as grade point average (GPA), study plan, personal statements, letters of recommendation, as well as other achievement records and/or descriptions of specific qualifications.

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Seoul National University Personal Statement Sample

Being born into a family where my father and two older male siblings are very successful businessmen has been one of my two greatest motivations. The second is learning about visionary men like Azim Premji, who transformed his father’s million dollars worth of a company into one worth multi-billion dollars. I strongly believe that keeping a positive and innovative mindset like Azim Premji can allow me to take my family business to an enviable height. With this mindset serving as my major drive, upon completing my Junior Secondary School, I joined the commercial class in senior secondary school with strong backing from my father. During my senior secondary school days, subjects such as commerce, accounting, mathematics, and economics were my most cherished subjects.

To get closer to my dream, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree programme in Business Administration at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, in 2015. During my studies, course modules like trade and commerce, financial management, and human resource management piqued my attention in the discipline of Business Administration. The desire to build an efficient human resource and acquire a deeper exposure to business proficiency became my major drive to apply for an MBA programme at Seoul National University.

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Ilorin, I was part of a project group tasked to present a term paper on the challenges of confounding African start-ups. With my level of enthusiasm and passion, I was appointed the group leader of my team. Having carefully assessed the strengths and weaknesses of my team members, I was able to coordinate members to work on certain areas of the term paper based on their capacity. In the end, we carried out comprehensive research centered around the challenges of African start-ups while also offering possible solutions to the challenges. Our term paper was adjudged to be the best by the lecturer in charge, and our manner of presentation also saw us earn very high marks in our continuous assessment test for the semester.

Upon completing my Bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Ilorin, rather than joining my father’s company, I decided I would take on the experience of a new and neutral environment. With this in mind, I joined a soap manufacturing company in my country as a branch manager. During my time at the company, my problem-solving, sales generation, and customer relation capacity were tested. A commendable performance review at the end of each business quarter proved that I had been able to apply my academic and practical experiences to solve real-life issues. Within the period of my application for the MBA programme at Seoul National University, I am undertaking the SAS Visual Business Analytics on Coursera to prepare me for the rigorous academic exposure ahead.

However, my choice of South Korea is down to my deep attraction to the vibrant Korean culture. While my country, Nigeria, and South Korea may share economic relations, the fact that South Korea has acquired fascinating economic growth that has continued to make it a world beater will allow me to understand the Korean economy more closely. Korea is also the destination for modern technological advancement; no wonder companies like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have continued to dominate the world’s gadget space.  Learning that the country also offers a revolutionalized health sector that has made it the hub of easy access to quality and affordable health care makes it an alluring prospect. Upon close inspection, I discovered that the country now possesses high-tech medical diversification in Osong and Daegu, making it a frontrunner in the world’s bio-industry space.

My reason for choosing Seoul National University is also down to a few justifications. To begin with, the Seoul National University is among some of the world’s top 30 universities despite not belonging to a core English-speaking state. In addition, the MBA programme gives international students the chance to link up with many successful alumni members of the school to share ideas and impactful strategies. Owing to its world-class status, studying at Seoul National University will allow me to possess a degree of international standard that will stand me toe to toe with many of the business industries’ best heads.

Overall, I strongly believe that upon completing the one-year MBA programme at Seoul National University, I’ll get the chance to improve on standards set by the business-driven minds in my family and also help take some of the family businesses to a much greater level. I believe that my problem-solving skills, academic and practical exposure, and insatiable drive to bring about innovative change will allow me to cope easily with the challenges of studying in Asia’s most admired university.

Seoul University Tuition Fee

As a national institution, Seoul National University offers the opportunity to receive the best education at a low expense with the average tuition fee being 6,000 USD per semester. Please note that tuition fees vary according to a student’s major and the number of credits taken.

Free Personal Statement for Seoul National University Personal Statement PDF Download

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