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Personal Statement for MSc University of California USA

My interest in a master’s degree in Chemistry first of all is a result of my concern for my immediate environment. The environmental challenges that have been on the rise for some years now have been a matter of concern to me. For instance, every day on social media, the residents of Port-Harcourt – one of the top oil-producing states of Nigeria complain about their air being filled with black soot as a result of the notorious gas flaring that happens in the state. The complaint is so popular that the hashtag has made it severally to the top of Nigeria’s Twitter trends. Despite all these, nothing has been done to combat the issue to date; this and other similar issues alike have given me reasons to act in my capacity to contribute to the solutions for our environmental challenges.

As a science graduate, I am aware of the importance of chemistry in the areas of pollution and environmental impact control, especially with specializations like environmental chemistry and green chemistry. A master’s degree in Chemistry will open doors for me and allow me to use my knowledge to contribute to achieving a healthier environment, either by working with a government agency for environmental and health maintenance or a company that promotes the advancement of cleaner energy sources.

The field of chemistry is important as we strive to ensure that the developments that have contributed to our well-being do not continue to put us in danger. From the air we breathe to the land we live on, chemistry will equip me to play an important role in mitigating the damages that may have occurred. So, with this advanced study that will involve utilizing research knowledge and technological tools, I will develop the right competencies to decipher, monitor, and proffer solutions to improve the environment.

My academic record shows my strong chemistry background which will aid my understanding of the modules that will be covered in this program. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, I am in a fortunate position to transfer some of the knowledge from my undergraduate studies into this current academic pursuit. After my undergraduate studies, the wide scope of opportunities that comes with having a bachelor of science provided me with the opportunity to kickstart my professional career at xxx – a fast-moving consumer goods company with a beverage and table water franchise.

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There are many reasons why I have chosen to study in California and the University of California in particular. Firstly, I appreciate the multicultural diversity of California and the way it gives international students a warm and comfortable environment to learn. Though a very competitive university to get into, the University of California is my ideal university because of its teaching methodology. With qualified faculty members that are consistently involved in research to improve the works of Chemistry, the faculty of Chemistry will offer me the opportunity to learn from lecturers with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the modules, more importantly, they would be armed with the knowledge of current industry trends which will give me more insight for the different modules that I will sit for. In addition, by reading online reviews from alumni of the University of Canada, I am further convinced that this program will be the best investment for my future.

I am hardworking and possess strong logical reasoning, these competencies enable me to stay relentless and committed to any cause that I take up even the seemingly difficult ones. I believe that my qualities and vision, together with my excellent academic record suggest the chances of me attaining success, both in this degree program and in my preferred future career.

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