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A statement of purpose is simply a story. When writing a statement of purpose for Canada student visa, understand that you’re writing an essay about yourself. There should be truth, consistency, flow, and a level of creativity in your story. But above all, truth and flow, will make your statement of purpose for Canada student visa, get approved faster.

Below, you’ll find a sample that was used recently to apply for Canadian study visa. You’re encouraged not to copy it, as it is already used; use the template as a guide to develop your own statement of purpose. Click here if you would like us to assist you with your statement of purpose.


Documents Required to Apply for Canada Study Visa

When applying for Canadian study visa, you’ll be expected to provide the following; together with your statement of purpose for study permit: (Source)

  • Biometrics (fingerprints and photograph).
  • Police check and/or medical exam.
  • A valid passport for your home country and 2 passport-sized images with your details written on the back.
  • Proof of funds to sustain yourself ($7,070 per year). Provide a bank statement.
  • An electronic travel authorization.
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Example: Statement of Purpose for Canada Student Visa


The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Application for Visa to Study Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Supply Chain Management at Thompson Rivers University

The Thompson Rivers University has found me worthy of a place in their Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Supply Chain Management program, for winter 2022. Therefore, I now seek support from the Government of Canada to grant me a study permit to proceed with my studies. The program is a 2 years program that spans from xxxxx to xxxxx.



My name is xxxxx, a South African with passport xxx. I am married with two children, and my wife works as XXXX in the xxxxx education ministry of South Africa – JAMB since xx to date. My residential address is xxxxx.


I obtained my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Business Administration and Management, then went ahead to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the xxxxx in 2011.  


After my Higher National Diploma in 2004, I enjoyed a period of post-graduate internship and volunteer experience with xxxxx, and xxxxx. After my period of internship, I have had a steady career growth with xxxxxx in the xxxxx for the last 10 years, going from being a Logistics Coordinator to Logistics Supervisor, in operations logistics and supply chain management, before leaving the sector to take up consultancy services with xxxxx in the xxx sector.

Purpose of Study

Supply chain is a major enabler of economic growth around the world; and as globalization continues to make it easy for foreign markets to trade with one another, this has increased the demands and expectations on supply chain professionals who are expected to be at the forefront of production, and distribution. Moreover, xxx has a large pool of underutilized workforce, and forward-thinking companies are beginning to position themselves to power their global business trade with the workforce, just like China is doing. This kind of move from product-based companies like my company, has resulted in substantial adjustments in the company system, and this also requires advanced training for the supply chain department especially in the area of building a supply chain system that can comfortably manage the supply, collaboration, manufacturing and distribution of goods and services, to a global audience.

This diploma will equip me for the next level of responsibilities in my career. As a logistics consultant, I need to be prepared to guide companies in effectively riding the waves of technological disruption in logistics and supply chain.

Why Canada:

Canada is renowned for its groundbreaking achievements in academics. With world-class teaching and research institutions, a degree from Canada will be a rich addition to my educational qualifications. I have chosen Canada over other reputable nations that offer this same degree, especially the English speaking nations, because of the accommodating culture that the Canadian government has created for foreign students and the low racial profile of the country. More so, I have had all my academic training from my homeland, and for the nature of the career I am projecting after this degree, I believe that gaining an abroad learning experience will expose me to different cultures and networks that will be significant to my career transition.

Why Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University has a strong tradition that supports researched-based learning, which has enabled it to prone many standout professionals. In addition to affordable tuition fees and supportive learning policies, it will be the ideal place for me to continue my academic growth.

Future Goals

After dedicating my years to working and gathering knowledge of the Logistics industry, I would love to champion the growth of a company registered under my name. I believe that this degree from Canada will not only advance my insight to consult for clients, it’ll also prepare me to accomplish my goal of leading a logistics company owned by me.

Financials for Study

Throughout my study periods, my financial expenses, including tuition fees and upkeep, will be settled from my savings, salary and investment. My total tuition fee for the first year is worth…….. and I have made a tuition deposit of $$to the school.

I will be taking a study leave at my place of work, and will be receiving my monthly salary worth$$ through the period of my study. A copy of my work leave from my employer and documents of assets in my name, are attached to this application.

Plans after Study

One of the main reasons for my study is to gain relevant industry insight to help champion growth in my current company. This is why I’ll be receiving my monthly salary, even during my studies, because this is a company sponsored degree. Hence, I will be expected to immediately return, after my studies, to hold up the other part of the bargain by helping them in their growth process. More so, the xxx market has great potentials, and I look forward to returning home to utilize the knowledge gained, to lead my own logistics company.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Statement of Purpose for Canada Student Visa

1. How long should my SOP Be?

A typical SOP should be anywhere between 1000 and 1200 words in length.

2. How can you distinguish your SOP from the competition?

Start working on your SOP a month or two before sending your application. Make sure you record all your academic and professional accomplishments. If you can not do, contact the services of professionals. We can help you do it with no hassle. contact us today.

Meanwhile, These steps will help stand out:

  • Write to inform, and improvise.
  • Use a captivating introduction. For example, Start off with a clever one-liner or a quotation from one of your favourite authors.
  • Maintain the reader’s interest with a clear information flow.
  • Communicate your value but
  • Do not overstate your accomplishments.

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