SOP for Brock University Ontario: Statistics and Mathematics

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When applying for admission into Brock University, you’re expected to include a statement of purpose. The SOP serves as an essay to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit to study in the school.

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Statistics and Mathematics SOP for Brock University Ontario

Mathematicians and Statisticians alike have both played a key part in the development of the world as we see it today. From their works in academics to supporting groundbreaking developments through science and engineering, their contributions cannot be overemphasized in our modern society. I have often marvelled at how the two disciplines could be mutually important in application yet unique in their way. As a professional with an academic background in Economics, I am conversant with the importance of mathematical concepts in creating models that help maintain the wheels of our economy. For instance, mathematicians and economists work together to develop models in evaluating the current status of our economy while putting into consideration the data from different players of the economy. The results of these types of models can be utilized to predict and suggest the prices for goods and services predict potential risks and suggest ways to mitigate them. It is this understanding of mathematics that has developed into an admiration for its study.

One of the advantages of a science degree is the diverse opportunity that comes with it. As a way to stay productive while seeking admission for my master’s program after my first degree, I joined a multimedia company where I have been able to advance my computer knowledge and ability to work with large data. This master’s degree is important to me because it will help me synthesize my economic knowledge with statistical and mathematical methods and principles. This degree will create a whole new level of competence for me in my career; certainly, when I kickstart my career either as a data analyst, or economist, the knowledge from this program will aid me in proving, disproving, and forecasting economic performances from a strong statistical standpoint.

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My academic record shows my strong analytical background which will aid my understanding of the modules that will be covered in this program. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, I am in a fortunate position to transfer some of the knowledge from my undergraduate studies into this current academic pursuit. During my O level and A level maths, I had a particular interest in statistics, and with each opportunity that I had to engage in statistical modelling using mean, mode, distributive curve, and probabilities. My decision to go for a master degree has always been there since my second year in undergraduate studies. I wished to improve my analytical abilities in data science and applied statistics.

Fortunately, I discovered this program by Brock University that perfectly combines maths and statistics in one program. Brocks University fulfils my study dream because of its excellent ranking, facilities and expert faculty lecturers. With the 2 years that will spend on this study; I am confident of augmenting the analytical background that I already have from my undergraduate study with a more refined knowledge. More so, your modules in statistics interest me because it caters for the latest advancements in data management by focusing on data science which is a strong point for me because of my future career ambition in the data management field.

I am hardworking and possess strong logical reasoning, these competencies enable me to stay relentless and committed to any cause that I take up even the seemingly difficult ones. I believe that my qualities and vision, together with my excellent academic record suggests the chances of me attaining success, both in this degree program and in my preferred future career. Hence, I believe that I would be a good addition to this program. I look forward to your consideration.

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