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Personal Statement for Public Health East Tennessee State University

I grew up in a society that has given me a different perspective and interest in health care especially because it is multicultural. Observing the health care situations while still in secondary school influenced my interest in health care; from prevalent diseases that were affecting people in rural communities to our healthcare system that was not buoyant enough to cater for the needs of the citizens, I was convinced that becoming a health practitioner will enable me to enjoy a fulfilling career while also contributing to the betterment of my home country.

In the year 2005, I began my quest for a degree that will put me on the path to actualizing my dreams of becoming a health practitioner and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Dentistry and Surgery. Through field and clinical experiences during my undergraduate studies, I realized the depth of the medical crises within our society especially because of the huge knowledge gap in a lot of the rural communities in my home country. After my graduation, I found application for my knowledge as a Dentist; one of the reoccurring observations that I have made through my interaction with patients thus far is the level of ignorance amongst most Nigerians especially as some cases would have been avoided with the right application of preventive health care. I have also witnessed the regrets they have whenever they discover that their case was avoidable; this has influenced my decision to engage in volunteer and field works that are focused on educating indigenes, especially those in remote areas about the benefits of prevention, and how they could achieve healthier lifestyles.

More so, I have been learning under the tutelage of Dr xxx who is a medical consultant using aid from the UK government to improve the health situations in slums in xxx. Through this experience, and having been trained in research through fieldwork, I have come to appreciate the importance of having a sound background in public health management. I will like to use this master to equip myself with advanced public health knowledge while improving my ability to carry out quality research that will impact our healthcare system just like Dr xxx.

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Considering the challenges that I see daily, this master’s will place me in a better position professionally to educate my patients and also lead outreaches that will promote healthy well-being. Previous participation in research and fieldwork has already helped me to observe the intricacies of grassroot health care and I would like to use my knowledge from this program to experience public health from a general perspective. Ultimately for me, completing this public health master’s program will improve my capacity to contribute insightful strategies that will improve disease and health management and ultimately influence equity in health care in Nigeria.

I am interested in studying at East Tennessee State University because it is a reputable university with a strong research focus. Secondly, community health is one of the primary reasons why I considered going for a master’s in public health, so, seeing that this program specializes in epidemiology and biostatics makes it an ideal program for me. Also, the reputation of lecturers in this faculty and the field experience where theories in public health are implemented has given me the confidence that I will gain a thorough learning experience during my studies here.

Gaining this knowledge in public health with a focus on epidemiology and biostatics will give me the advanced background to contribute significantly to environmental and public health issues within developing communities. I am interested in aligning my current academic background and profession with public health management in other to play a significant part in the health sector of my home country. This degree will go a long way to help me achieve my dreams, and I look forward to your consideration.

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