Computer Foundation Year Personal Statement: UK University

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We have provided this sample foundation year personal statement to give you an idea of how to structure yours. The statement was written to cover relevant areas of concern to admission committee.

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Computer Foundation Year Personal Statement Sample: UK University

Being an introvert and having to spend a lot of time alone has helped me develop critical and analytical thinking skills from a young age. I derive satisfaction from analyzing things and finding the root cause rather than ascribing it to wishful thinking. Just like most teenagers around me, I got introduced to the world of computers through computer games (Nintendo, Play station, and Game-boy), but my inquisitive nature didn’t let me stop at just having the pleasure of playing the game, I wanted more, I wanted to learn about the working systems of the game. This inquisitiveness led me into programming; I initially started programming as a way to satisfy my curiosity, however, it developed into true love for computer systems.

Over the years I have grown to become a tech-enthusiast. I have been opportune to take different physical and online training that has helped improve my computing skills and has developed in me a wealth of experience in programming languages like HTML, CSS and Java. I have also handled some basic projects including building different website for personal and private use. The unending opportunities that come with the deployment of technology motivates me to immerse myself in more study relating to the application of computers and technology. Also, seeing that computers have become a key part of our daily lives, and there’s no industry that computerization has not influenced, I am inclined to think that there will be more demands for scientists and engineers that will satisfy the growing demands of mankind to make life easier. As I write this, billionaire Richard Branson recently returned from space travel with his crew and is now assembling a new team of astronauts that will go in search of new possibilities outside our planet. This is good news for enthusiasts like me who are rather excited with the thought of exploring new knowledge, horizon, destinations, opportunities, solutions and so on.

Through my secondary education I built a strong understanding of mathematics and physics. Proficiency in mathematics strengthens my logical reasoning which is important for coding and algorithmic works. On the other hand, physics helps me develop analytical competencies through protocols. Couple with my programming knowledge, my understanding of these subjects will come in handy when I begin my university study. After my secondary education in late 2019, I envisioned pursuing a degree in Computer Science the next year, but the global pandemic of 2020 stalled my plans. However, during the lockdown, I made it a duty to engage myself and I took up a side-hustle as a graphics designer deploying Photoshop C3, Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2020 and Lightroom to create graphic representations for clients. Thankfully, we are gradually defeating the pandemic, people are returning to their normal lives and most importantly, I now have the golden opportunity to pursue my dream for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Hence, I am now seeking admission into Coventry University to study for a Computer Science degree which will prepare me for a career as a computer scientist.

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While I could have chosen to study in my home country, I am concerned about the quality of education I will gain especially with the instability and insufficiency of our education system. The UK is the first place away from home for most Nigerians like me because we share a history with the UK which will make it easy to settle and adapt. I am big on gaining up-to-date computing knowledge that will make me employable immediately after graduation, and I have chosen Coventry University because it has a long history of employing initiatives that prepare students for the job market. Through this foundation study, I wish to assess my strengths and decide which of the computer science fields is suitable for me.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and swimming. These activities help me network and ensure that I balance my activities while staying healthy and fit. It also helps me flex my teamwork skills. Through the years my goals have evolved and matured due to increased knowledge through field experience and acquired skills, and I am more convinced of my interest in the field. Finally, I must state that I am interested in this degree not only for the career I want to build but also for the exposure I wound gain during this study which is part of the reasons why I’ve chosen to study abroad.

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