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A study personal statement is a written essay that helps you communicate your values to an admission committee. It tells your reviewer why you’re a good fit for the course and what addition you’ll make as a student. Also, personal statement is your opportunity to show that you can communicate your thoughts in writing.

When applying to universities like De Montfort University in the UK, you will face the task of writing a personal statement and in this statement you will address your reason for choosing the school. Below is a sample personal statement for Information Systems Management at De Montfort University that was submitted by another applicant, we hope this serves as a guide and aids you in creating yours.

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Personal Statement for Information Systems Management at De Montfort University

Being exposed to the complex and interconnected world of computer science comes with a lot of academic and career aspirations, especially with the fast-paced advancement in technology. As a professional with both academic background and work experience that has revolved around computer science and management, my decision to study Information Systems Management is a calculated effort to improve my qualification and ensure that I develop the knowledge to proffer more practical, definitive, and knowledge-based solutions in my career.

My interest in information systems management was piqued years ago when I got my first job as a Data Entry Personnel in an engineering company. In this role, I was exposed to using information software to safely store data in an organized format and ensure easy recovery when it was needed.Before this job, I only had a Diploma certificate in Management Information Technology, but I became determined to improve my career chances through further studies. I later went on to obtain a Diploma in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from xxxx. During my undergraduate programs, I was exposed to interesting course modules like xxx (courses that relates to Information Systems Management) and while these modules have been instrumental in my success on the career front, I believe they have given me the foundation to succeed in this course.

Since I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I have been applying my computer science knowledge as an ICT Educator and I have been able to harness information technology to contribute to the development of my students and the school in general. With the collaborative efforts of colleagues and the school management, I have been successful in redefining the school’s business operation using tech-enabled products to promote efficiency in key areas like bursary, data storage and management, and project management. My frequent involvement with certain business operations of the school has piqued my interest in further understanding how to leverage information technology to create value for businesses. I envision a career where I will be better at applying information systems to understand organizational processes and identify practical solutions to meet their needs, and I am motivated to make a move toward my dreams with this program.

Fortunately, I discovered the Information Systems Management program of De Montfort University through a social media post from a recent graduate who shared his experience studying and gave his vote of confidence for this program. When I made further research, I found that De Montfort University has one of the best student communities in the UK especially because it is located in the multicultural city of Leicester. Having gone through the program offering, I am convinced that studying here will be a good knowledge investment for me. By studying here, I will benefit from the Center for Computing and Social Responsibility’s collaborative efforts with worldwide partners, well-set-up laboratories, established academic experts, and a finely developed course module. Also, the optional placement year will be a perfect opportunity for me to prove and develop my work competencies and build an early information systems management portfolio.

In the long run, I look forward to……….. (long-term goal)and this program will give me the background, exposure, and competitive edge, that will boost my confidence to reach for better career opportunities. I look forward to your consideration.

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