Letter of Intent for Study by a Ghanaian

Statement of Purpose Sample

Hello, are you a Ghanaian looking for how to write a letter of intent for study? If yes, worry no more. In this post, we have provided an outstanding letter of intent for study written by a Ghanian.

Note: The sample below is strictly for educational purposes, and should not be passed on as your work. If you need assistance writing yours, we strongly recommend hiring the services of our expert sop writers.

Areas to cover when writing your statement includes:

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of program to your career
  4. Why you picked the school and country.
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Sample Letter of Intent for Study by a Ghanaian





The Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada,

Accra, Ghana.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Intent for Study Permit – Osai Desmond

I am writing this statement to give an account of myself and why I want to study in Canada having been admitted to the xxx Program at Canadian Career Education College. I have also included valid documents in my application to support my claims and I hope it will aid you in reviewing my application.

Academic, Professional Background

I am a xxx professional with over eight years of work experience in the xxx sector. I completed my undergraduate study atAtlantic International University where I achieved my first degree in Safety Engineering. On the career front, I have been exposed to several health and safety projects that has allowed me to develop refined knowledge in identifying and avoiding workplace hazards and promoting health and safety policies. After a couple of years applying my knowledge in the health and safety field, I founded a health safety company in response to my country’s needs in the area of health and safety promotion and sustainability in our work-places.

Furthermore, I am an author with different safety article publications. I recently published a xxx which has been approved and recommended for use in Ghana by the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

Why Occupational Health and Safety Administration

As a professional, I understand that occupational injuries and diseases take up huge chunk of a company’s overall cost if not properly handled. Both the global and national report for work-related injuries and non-fatal work-related injuries indicates that there is still a lot for professionals in this industry to do in order to reduces these occurrences to the barest minimum. I believe with my position; I have what it takes to improve my impact in the occupational health terrain of my homeland. So, as our work expands and the nature of our work also evolves, Occupational Health needs to depend on fresh and up to date knowledge to tackle the challenges and meet the responsibilities for qualified professionals in Occupational Safety.Obtaining this degree will equip me with more skills to manage the workplace health and safety, managing risks to protect workers and businesses.

Why I Want to Study in Canada and Canadian Career Education College

I am inspired to study in Canada because of Canada’s immense contribution in global education. Canada has invested massively in its education and has become one of the best places to get quality education globally. While some study destinations are only ideal for certain programs, I admire the fact that Canada has built its education system to develop curriculum in different courses and meet the global standards in that discipline. More so, the affordability, reputable schools, recognized degrees which is equal to what can be gotten from Australia, United Kingdom, or the United States, and the fact that Canada is an English-speaking country all provide a nice smooth flow that has made me pick Canada as my ideal place of study.

Seeing that my course of interest is a vocational course, I found Canadian Career Education College an ideal choice of study because it is a private college with focus in vocational programs. Secondly, as a relatively new school with small class sizes, I believe that I will enjoy the close-knit student-teacher and student-student relationship which will equally help me build strong career networks.

Why I Would Return to Ghana After My Study

My sole aim of travelling to Canada is for education purpose and I have no intentions of staying past my visa for some good reasons, firstly, my company (xxx) is over xx years old helping organizations develop standards to ensure the quality,safety and efficiency of products, services and systems, we are on the verge of obtaining our ISO 45001 accreditation andcompleting this program will equip me with  skills to  make managerial decisions and provide leadership in the ISO standardization in the company. Secondly, I am married with xx kids, and I will be traveling without them which will motivate me to finish my study and return to Canada on time. Also, I deliberately picked a program without Post Graduate Work Component because I will like to spend just one-year so that I can return to Ghana and continue with my business operations.

Finance and Proof of Fund

Aside working for xxx as a safety inspector in Ghana, I am also a successful publisher for Technical and Vocational education training (TVET) with over 80000 copies of my books sold yearly. This private publishing business, my savings from employment and other businesses are going to sponsor my cost-of-living expenses and tuition fees in Canadian Career Education College in Canada.

The total tuition for this program is $xx, an additional $10,000 has also been estimated for my living expenses throughout the one-year program. I have set aside the needed fund to meet these financial needs. I have attached my statement of account to show the proof of fund for GHSxx (the equivalent of $xx CAD). More so, I have attached a copy of my business license, and employment letter at Cocoa Board to support my claims.

Conclusively, I understand the requirements to attain academic success, and I am ready to put in the work to achieve it during my study period. I see myself as a great addition to my class because of my academic and career background and I envision myself building a great network through this study. I look forward to your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Osai Desmond

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