UAE Resident Statement of Purpose for Canada Visa (format & sample)

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Statement of Purpose for Canada Visa – Format

Here’s an effective format to follow when writing your statement of purpose for Canada Visa;

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Background (Academic and Professional)
  3. Why you want to study your chosen course.
  4. Reason for picking Canada and the particular school.
  5. Why you believe you’ll excel in the program
  6. How you plan to fund your study
  7. Home ties and why you’ll leave Canada after your study
  8. Conclusion

UAE Resident Statement of Purpose for Canada Visa – Sample

Your Name

Address, United Arab Emirates.

Your Email and Phone No.


Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada,

The United Arab Emirates.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Explanation for Student Visa to Study Human Service Practitioner

I am using this letter to provide further information about my decision and motivation to study in Canada. I am a young woman who has had the blessing of turning her childhood ordeals into inspiration for growth and support for others. I grew up in an abusive environment which messed up a significant period of my life as I constantly felt vulnerable, and experienced anxiety shocks.

My experience growing up inspired me to pay attention to our societal make-up, and I was eager to understand humans and what inspired our different behaviors. I discovered through research that Sociology was the discipline that will expose me to the understanding of human social behaviors patterns of social interaction and satisfy my curiosity. Though I was motivated for my undergraduate study, things did not go as planned. I met different challenges, including the death of my aunt, who was my sponsor, which affected my grades because I had to juggle part-time jobs to gather resources to complete my studies. All these show my resilience and never give up spirit, which I believe are qualities that will be greatly revered as a human service practitioner.

I gained my first experience caring for and supporting socially and emotionally challenged children during my first teaching experience at xxx. I was fascinated by the opportunity to work with younger generations and help them overcome some salient life challenges. A year later, I got married and moved to the United Arab Emirates, where I took up another teaching job with the British International School Ajman. Through this experience, I worked with other teachers to assist students, helping them to overcome challenges while building confidence in them before resigning due to family decisions.

Why I want this course:

At this stage of my career, I need to enrol for a degree that will put me in an excellent position to achieve my future goals. Human service practitioner is a course that provides wide range of applications across different public and private sector, and I see it as a field that will improve my chances of landing a school counsellor job in the United Arab Emirate. Currently, the average salary of School Counsellors in the UAE according to Payscale is around 85,000 AED (the equivalent of 29,500 CAD) yearly, so taking up a job in my country of residence will allow me gain international exposure before pursuing my long term goal of starting an early childhood foundation school in my home country.

Secondly, I am interested in this program because human service is a component of sociology which will give me the leverage to build upon my prior academic degree and create more room for me to understand our society practically. Understandably, my interest is in utilizing this degree to help vulnerable citizens overcome societal challenges, especially kids. However, I will not rule out the opportunity to work with the elderly and also in the area of policy development and public advocacy.

Why I picked Canada and NBCC:

My decision to study in Canada stems from different convictions. Firstly, Human Service Practitioner is not a popular program, and there are just a handful of institutions that offer this as a degree course, of which Canada happens to have some of the best picks. Secondly, coming from an English-speaking background and having gained all my academic exposure from my home country, I wanted to experience learning in a different English-speaking country with higher academic standards. After weighing all my options, Canada proved an ideal place because it is safe, multicultural, and accommodating to students. The particular course offering from New Brunswick Community College Fredericton was more promising.

Furthermore, New Brunswick Community College Fredericton on the Canadian government website has the pedigree that I am proud to associate myself with. With advanced technologies to enhance learning, a learning approach to accommodate different learning styles, and affordability, I am confident that my experience here will be robust enough to set me on the part of success upon graduation. More so, this program offers co-op, giving me the necessary practical knowledge to implement the same in my home country, Nigeria.

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Why I Will Excel in this Program:

I am currently taking an organized Early Foundation Studies in preparation for this program, which will help brush me up for this academic journey. I also believe that I will excel in this program because ……….

My finance and funding:

Concerning my finances, my husband who works as xxxxx at xxxx, Dubai will be sponsoring me throughout my study in Canada. An initial CAD xxx out of the CAD 10,750.00 tuition for my first year has already been paid to New Brunswick Community College. We have also set aside AED 104,800.00 (equivalent to CAD 36,200.00) in liquid cash for my study needs, including living expenses, tuition, and flight itineraries. He will also be supporting me monthly with CAD 3000.00 apart from the money set aside. Attached to this application are copies of my payment receipt and proof of funds for this program.

My Home Ties:

My decision to travel to Canada is solely for study, and my family and social-economic ties will ensure that I return to my family and career responsibilities. For home ties,…………………………….

In conclusion, the information provided here is true and accurate and gives a good account of my passion and need for this academic degree. So far, I have been opportune to live in the United Arab Emirates for the past eight years and have not had any issue with the law, which testifies to my good behavior and respect for rules, regulations, and laws binding a society. I am confident that I will be of good behavior when granted access into Canada, and I will maintain good ethics when dealing with my colleagues and teachers.

I appreciate your consideration.


Your name

Documents attached in this file:

  1. Deeds of Title
  2. Employment Certificates (2)
  3. Bank Statements

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