Statement of Purpose for Canada Visitor Visa

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Your Name


Your Email and Phone No.

High Commission of Canada,

Visa Section,

P.O Box 1013,

0061- Nairobi, Kenya.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Explanation for Canada Visitors Visa

My name is xxx, a Kenyan and I am using this medium to apply for a Canadian visitor’s visa to attend the XXXX International Convention which will hold from May 24th to May 28th, 2021 in Montreal, Canada. My initial application was rejected based on the reason that I will not leave Canada at the end of my stay as a temporary resident. So, I wish to use this letter to provide extensive information about my visit to Canada and to show further proof of my home ties and intention of returning to my family, business and community at the end of this event.

Purpose of Travel

My purpose in going to Canada is to fulfil my corporate social responsibility as an Executive Member of xxxx under the Nairobi Chapter. I have been a member of the XXXX International since 2014 and have served the organization in different capacities including; the President of the Nairobi Chapter, Club Secretary, Club Service Chairperson, Club First Vice, and Club Second Vice President, among other District Committee and Committee Heads positions.

Currently, I am serving as the xxx, and I have been granted the exclusive invitation to attend this year’s annual convention with my partner in Montreal Canada. Find attached my identity card for xxxand a letter of invitation from xxxx International signed by xxx, Past International President, and International Convention Chairperson of xxx International.

More so, as an active delegate of XXXX and having been present in previous conventions held in different parts of the world including; Madrid (2019), Geneva (20xx), Egypt (20xx), and Kenya (20xx), I have attached proof of my travel for other xxx conventions which I returned to my country.

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Why I Will Return to Kenya

Throughout my corporate functions in other countries, I have not overstayed my permit, and I don’t have any plans to overstay my welcome after this convention. Firstly, my wife and I will be leaving our two kids (a boy of 15, and a girl of 12) in the custody of my parents while we are away for this convention, and we look forward to returning to take responsibility for our children. Secondly, I am the Managing Director of a thriving company with an active presence and over 10 years of operation in Kenya’s agriculture industry. My company generates average monthly revenue of CAD 15,072 – CAD 30,144.69 and is on course to secure the partnership of external investors which I am leading the process, so, I will ensure to return immediately after the convention. While I am away, the company will be under the management of the Factory Manager, and I will be returning to ensure the progress of the business that I have invested years in building. Thirdly, I have other investments here in Kenya aside from my company including land properties and rental properties in my name. Most importantly, I have developed myself to be a thought leader in the agrotech sector of Kenya, my contributions to the agriculture sector of my beloved country which I hope to continue contributing are well available online which a Google search can reveal. All these not only go to show my home ties but also my interest, commitment and investment in my country and I am not stopping now because I believe in my nation. I have attached copies of my marriage certificate, birth certificate of my kids, company registration, account statement, land property and house to further demonstrate my socio-economic and family ties to Kenya.

Travel History

As stated before, I am an active participant in this conference, and I have been opportune to travel for 5 different conferences. Asides from that, I have been opportune to visit other countries both for business, and vacations including, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, the Republic of India, the Republic of China, Morocco, and Turkey. In my recent travel to Turkey which lasted from 8th March to 14th March 2022, I went to purchase agro machinery for my company (see the attached receipt of purchase machinery). Through all these travels, I have always been compliant with all immigration rules by returning home and have never overstayed once in any of the countries that I have travelled to.

I will be travelling with my wife xxxx for this conference, and I have set aside the sum of xx from my savings to cater for my travel expenses including flight, hotel, and feeding for 2 people (See attached account statement for proof of funds). Our participation in the Highlights of the many activities scheduled throughout the convention week includes the festive International Parade of Nations, informative plenary sessions and seminars, interesting guest speakers, our exciting international show, and the installation of the association’s 2022 International President.

Conclusively, I believe I have been able to use this letter to shed more light on my home ties and why I will necessarily return to my children, family, business and, and I hereby undertake that I and my wife shall strictly adhere to the rules and regulations governing entry to Canada and promise to return promptly home to Kenya after the convention.

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