University of the West Scotland Personal Statement Sample

personal statement sample

When applying for admission into the University of the West Scotland , you’re expected to include a personal statement. The personal statement gives the admission committee more insight about your decision and motivation to study that particular program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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Sample University of the West Scotland Personal Statement

It is no news that our modern programmes and projects have become significantly complex with the rapid improvements that technological advancements have brought our way. Unarguably, these advancements have been beneficial to our development, but, so has it brought its touch of discomfort as professionals and potential prospects for a field like a project management now require more advanced training and development to meet the demands of the current job market. My interest in project management is because of its nature and the fact that the career fits who I am and the achievements I have made thus far.

The process of managing a project from its inception to completion requires knowledge in different areas such as; business development, cost management, time management, risk management, and human resource management. I have a strong background in Economics (Bachelor’s Degree), which has enabled me to develop a knack for evaluating projects and developing cost-effective plans to maximize profitability. After my undergraduate studies, I have been privileged to apply my knowledge in administrative, human resources management, and entrepreneurship roles. In my administrative experience, I was exposed to leadership, communication, and reporting. And, on the other hand, my human resources have given me the leverage to build teamwork, negotiation, and interpersonal relationship skills. Furthermore, I have had 4 years of experience managing a business of my own from 2017-2021. My e-commerce business which supplied female accessories in retail and wholesale gave me a lot of exposure to business development and management, which are highly sought skills from a project manager. Through the e-commerce business, I catered for over 300 customers across the 36 states of Nigeria and a few other foreign countries. Hence, I also know supply chain and logistics management.

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My experience goes to show my versatility and productiveness, which I believe will be an added advantage in a field as project management, and will put me in a good position to excel in this programme. By studying for this degree, I will set myself for a career transition. The master’s degree will not only qualify me to pursue a career in project management, but it will also equip me with the recent knowledge of tools, skills, and competencies that employers and project owners are looking for. I gave my career a thorough consideration before choosing to go with this master in Project Management; the University of the West of Scotland presents the best option for me to further my studies. I have considered my options of getting an affordable, world-class learning experience, reputable degree certificate, and active alumni network and the University of the West of Scotland meets my expectations. More so, Scotland is an accommodating place for foreign students. With active plans within the institutions to enable foreign students to settle down when they come for studies, I have more confidence in getting the best from your well-selected course modules.

Conclusively, I am motivated to embark on this study at the University of the West of Scotland. I am hoping that the information presented in this statement which highlights my passion, interest, academic capability, and relevant experiences will throw more light into my capacity to excel in this program. I look forward to your consideration.

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