Personal Statement for Robert Gordon University Sample

Statement of Purpose Sample

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Areas to Cover in your Personal Statement

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of program to your career
  4. Why you picked the school and country.
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program

Personal Statement for Robert Gordon University Sample

I wish to use this statement to provide relevant information about my decision and preparedness to pursue a Master’s Degree in at the prestigious Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. My decision to study this course is inspired by my responsibilities in my current position as a Branch Manager in one of the leading agro companies in xxx. The knowledge of project management will empower me to better understate the valuations of the different technical projects that we undertake, while also qualifying me to lead project teams. And, I believe that Robert Gordon University will be a good place for me to commit myself to the learning and development required of me.

In 2014, I gained admission to xxx at xxx where I graduated with xxxx (write your graduating CGPA) grade point average. During my undergraduate study, I was exposed to course modules which helped me to understand the importance of having a well-planned project approach to vital operations if we are to get the best out of our efforts. Immediately after my undergraduate study, I gained my first work experience at xxx. Through this experience, I worked with my colleagues to evaluate existing practices and demonstrated new and innovative improvements that helped increase our production.

Moving forward, the collective experiences that I gathered over the years empowered me and initiated my advancements, and I have successfully pioneered my growth for the past 3 years. However, organizational growth and expansion have made my responsibilities tilt towards larger project innovation and execution which has inspired me to attain an advanced understanding of how to work. Now, I am interested in acquiring xxx degree, to apply the knowledge in key areas of my profession including (state key areas of your profession). My research also shows that this program will equally groom me to develop the corresponding interpersonal skills to understand the perspectives of the different players that will be involved in my future projects.

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I am excited to study at Robert Gordon University, because it is one of the top post-1992 universities in the United Kingdom, and is internationally known for delivering quality education with a practical approach. By designing this program to go beyond classroom learning and incorporating; guest lecturers from industry experts, and placement opportunities for practical application of learned principles, I believe that this program is a good fit for me. I am also pleased with the commitment of the faculty to maintain innovative and dynamic modules for each session which will meet the current-day project needs. Additionally, enrolling on this particular program is a wise decision for me because it is accredited, and Robert Gordon University has been recognized as an APM Assessment Centre, which will enable me to achieve the chartered status of the APM through a practice element as opposed to sitting for a technical assessment.

The United Kingdom presents the best study opportunities for me, and that is why I have decided to pursue my degree here. Firstly, I was impressed by the level of investment and commitment that the government makes toward the education system which helps most of the institutions in the United Kingdom to deliver outstanding learning experiences with robust course offerings that are hardly matched with programs in other countries. Secondly, I picked to study in the United Kingdom because of its history with my country, so, I believe that adapting to the study life here will be easier for me than in other countries. Thirdly, when I consider the other suitable English speaking countries, I prefer the United Kingdom because it has a shorter travel time which also means lesser travel time. More so, I have looked forward to learning about the English culture and I am glad that this study will offer me that opportunity.

The first advantage that this degree holds for me is its application in my company; the application of the gained knowledge will enable me to drive inclusive growth when I return. I will be able to combine the knowledge from this course and my agricultural background to initiate effective strategies that will promote sustainable development for my business and country, and our success can also motivate other businesses in our industry. More so, although project management characterizes the growth of a nation, my country still records a high percentage of abandoned projects because of variation in plans, defective planning and inefficient management, which call for experts that are knowledgeable in innovative management to achieve specified project objectives in time and within budget. So, I am glad that this study will put me a step ahead in becoming a competent project manager who can contribute to the growth and development of projects in my home country.

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