Personal Statement for a Master in Public Administration Sample

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Your personal statement serves as a representation of your ideas, passion, and motivation.  To be granted access to study abroad, part of the required documents that determine if your visa would be approved is your personal statement. 

How to Structure Personal Statement Letter Response

How do you write a good personal statement for a Master in Public Administration? In this context, we have provided you with a well-structured personal statement sample. Below is the simple structure used:

  1. Introduction: Always begin your statement with an attention-grabbing introduction. Talk about your personal perspective and interest in public administration. Next, state your purpose for pursuing an MPA and your motivation behind the decision.
  2. Educational Background: Next stop, gear into your academic background. Only focus on relevant degrees, coursework, and any academic achievements that are worthy of mention.
  3. Talk about your professional experience and give special emphasis to positions and responsibilities that relate to public administration or showcase skills relevant to the field.
  4. State your Motivation and Goals
  5. Why this program? This is a very important part of your perusal statement. Explain why you are interested in this particular MPA program. Reference specific aspects, such as faculty expertise, unique features of the curriculum, or the program’s reputation.
  6. Conclusion. As always, summarize your key points and restate your enthusiasm for the MPA program.

Now you know the structure of a good personal statement. Let’s have a look at the sample response directed to the Admissions Committee of XYZ University.

Dear Admissions Committees,

Personal Statement for a Master in Public Administration

My time as a private judicial assistant to the Federal High Court of Nigeria judge birthed my interest in public administration, as my duty included providing legal research and documentation on fundamental rights actions, pre-election, party matters, civil litigation, and criminal matters. This made me contribute significantly to cases that later became landmarks in Nigeria. By doing this task of translating government policies into tangible actions while also contributing to effective governance, I became a driving force behind the efficient delivery of essential public services that positively impact our daily lives. My law degree, followed by a Barrister at Law (B.L.) certification, as well as my roles as an associate, where I represented clients in various legal matters, and my role as a legal adviser, played significant roles in my contribution during my time at the Federal High Court in Nigeria because it helped me refine my skills in preparing contractual documentation and tax remission implementation measures while also ensuring the adherence of the legal and regulatory requirements.

However, while my passion for public administration remained at heart, I decided to navigate into project management to better hone my leadership and management skills. This was challenging yet rewarding, as being a project manager at 7venoaks Limited, London, United Kingdom, leading a dynamic team in delivering a £90,000 project for the recruitment company, successfully resulted in the creation of a digital recruitment platform while bringing about a 70% increase in operational efficiency with a projected 50% boost in revenue.

More so, I decided to run my own legal consulting firm to implement policy and strive to use my services for conflict resolution, mediating between different interest groups in order to create harmony and stability within communities. This is in line with being a public administrator as the force behind infrastructural improvement, economic growth, and the pursuit of social equity while reducing inequalities and imparting equal opportunities for all, are the key goals of public administrators. However, there is a hunger for more and a preference to not simply meet demanding situations but to overcome them with an extra comprehensive skill set while refining my analytical competencies and broadening my strategic insight, bringing me to pursue the Public Administrator program because, through this application, I can have in-depth know-how of the tasks in public safety, environmental protection, and network development, in addition to acquiring expertise to actively engage and empower local communities in addressing their wishes and worries. 

Also, I believe that the advanced understanding from this program will assist me in continuously adapting to demanding situations in addition to fostering innovation and championing the well-being and prosperity of the people I will serve. Similarly, immersing myself in the academic community at the University of Alabama will not only enhance my professional competence but will also expose me to a network of like-minded individuals and expert faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields. Furthermore, the USA, known for its innovation and global leadership with top-tier education, provides the perfect backdrop for this transformative journey, and I am confident that this program will be the catalyst for my continued professional and personal growth. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to joining your esteemed institution.

Yours sincerely,


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