Medical Data Entry Jobs From Home With No Experience

Medical data entry jobs from home with no experience

Medical data entry jobs is a division of data entry jobs. This division deals with the medical field and the data surrounding it. As people devote their time to become data entry specialists, so do others develop their time to become medical data entry specialists. 

The job of a medical data entry specialist can be taken up by someone who loves to work in the medical field, but doesn’t want to be too deep into the medical line. For people who love being in the medical field, but do not love dealing with the messy part of the medical line, like treating wounds, dealing with dying patients, blood, etc., this is a perfect fit.

To fully explore the topic, we will look at what medical data is, and other relevant pieces of information. Let’s dive in!

What is Data?

Data is simply information. It could be age, place of birth, the kind of phone you use, the specifications, etc. Whatever piece of information that can be used for any purpose can be deemed data.

What is Medical Data?

Medical data simply means health-related information. Any information used to derive a cure, treatment, or even to keep track of a patient’s history is called medical data. It is simply data in the medical field.

What is Medical Data Entry Job?

A medical data entry job entails inputting medical information into an electronic system. It is a job type centered around updating existing medical records or information, monitoring information, and ensuring that they are accurate.

What are the Requirements to Work as a Medical Data Entry Specialist?

To work as a medical data entry specialist, you have to have the following qualifications;

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Knowledge of medical terminologies
  • A typing speed of about 45wpm
  • Attention to details
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Associate degree, e.g. Registered Health Information Technician
  • Work experience in a healthcare facility
  • Working knowledge of technology

Who is a Medical Data Entry Specialist?

A medical data entry specialist is a person whose job is to enter medical data into an electronic system. Their job also is to update medical records or to enter new information from a written source into the computer.

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Where Does a Medical Data Entry Specialist Work?

A medical data entry specialist works in a healthcare facility. They work mostly in a hospital, clinics, etc. They update the medical records of patients and keep tabs on other records regarding the facility.

What are the Certificates That One Has to Possess to get a Medical Data Entry Job?

Certificates are not compulsory but in the competitive world that we live in, it is necessary to have one. This is because it gives you a competitive advantage. Listed below are some of the medical data entry certifications;

  • Registered Medical Assistant
  • Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)
  • Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)
  • Microsoft Word Certification
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Administrative Specialist

How to Become a Medical Data Entry Specialist

To become a medical data entry specialist, you can follow the following steps

  1. Have an interest
  2. Possess a degree, at least a high school diploma
  3. Acquire medical data entry certifications like RHIT, Medical biller
  4. Acquire good computer skills and improve your typing speed
  5. Volunteer to gain experience
  6. Apply for jobs

Have an Interest

Your first step to becoming a medical data entry specialist is having an interest. An interest brings about the commitment needed to succeed in any endeavor and medical data entry is not an exception.

Possess a Degree/ Go for Degree

A degree, while not needed to be given the job is required by employers. This is because they need to know if you have a basic knowledge of working languages and efficiency. Most employers require at least a high school diploma.

Acquire Medical Data Entry Certifications

Acquiring a medical data entry certification places you in the top percentage of applicants seeking a medical data entry job. This certification gives you a more direct line of functionality in the field. For example, a coding and billing certification prepares you for a job as a coding and billing specialist. 

Acquire Computer Skills

The medical data entry job is done on the computer. It helps to know your working tool. Go to computer training school, and learn the shortcuts for faster and more efficient data entry. Learn the office packages used for data entry. Work on your typing speed. 

Volunteer to Gain Experience

Volunteering is one way to gain experience. Much more than skills, employers look out for work experience. This experience, you can get through volunteering. As much as you can volunteer.

Apply for Jobs

You can apply for a job while still volunteering or after volunteering. So, while you have gone through all the above-mentioned points, apply for jobs. If you don’t apply, employers won’t know that you are looking for a job.

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Websites for Medical Data Entry Jobs

You can find medical data entry jobs from home with no experience on the following websites

What are the Possible Health Risks Associated with Being a Medical Data Entry Specialist?

The possible health risks arise from the nature of the job. This is known as an occupational hazard. The nature of the data entry job requires spending long hours on a sit and staring at the computer all day long. Working remotely means being in one corner of the house all day with minimal communication, as you need to be focused to avoid errors.

One of the health risks it poses is physical inactivity manifested as body aches and possibly, bad posture. Sitting for long hours affects the bones of the lower back and the waist. It could also have an impact on the legs. To remedy this situation, stand up at least 10 mins in every hour. Within that 10 mins, you can take a walk around the house or wherever your work station is situated.

Another health risk is damage to the eyes. Prolonged on-screen time does damage to the eyes. The nature of medical data entry jobs requires keen attention and focus on the screen because you work with computers. To mitigate the effect of the screen light on the eyes, do the following;

  • Work in a bright room
  • Use photochromic glasses
  • Take breaks in between work, at least 10 mins every hour
  • Get good sleep when needed

These will help to reduce the effect of screen light on your eyes.


Medical data entry jobs from home with no experience are possible to get. However, to get it, you have to position yourself strategically by volunteering, getting certifications, and showing enthusiasm.

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