500 Words SOP for MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

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If you are applying for MSc Business Analytics and Big Data, you will need a good statement of purpose (SOP) to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided this SOP for MSc Business Analytics and Big Data to guide you in writing 500 words SOP. Since it is just 500 words, you need to maximize the points you make and ensure every sentence or paragraph is written to highlight why you are suitable and prepared for the program. This is a sample, do not copy it. Only use it as a source of inspiration.

If you need assistance with your 500 Words SOP, you can contact us today and we will help you translate your thoughts into a short but strong statement of purpose.

Universities to Study Business Analytics and Big Data

  1. University of Bradford
  2. University of Birmingham
  3. University of Hull
  4. University of Stirling
  5. University of Huddersfield

Tips to to write a Good SOP for MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

To help you understand how this SOP sample was written, we’ve listed four tips to help you master the practice of writing a compelling SOP.

  1. Paragraph one: Intellectual trajectory and why this degree is important at this stage.
  2. Paragraph two: Why the country and university are the preferred choices.
  3. Paragraph three: Skills, competencies, and hobbies that will be relevant for this study.
  4. Paragraph Four: Why will you be a good fit for this program/Conclusion

Sample 500 Words SOP

Since I graduated from university, I have been a passive player in the finance industry where I have covered important roles including Operations Personnel and Investment Officer. I became fully involved in fintech in xxx when I joined XXXX, a licensed financial technology company as Head Credit and Risk Manager. Daily, my responsibilities entail working with large data sources to conduct risk analysis on individual and corporate proposals, review and assess financial transactions and credit history amongst other key responsibilities that deal with huge data for business analysis. Though my previous working experiences made it possible for me to transfer my skills to this new position, my daily routine has heightened my need for advanced knowledge to effectively execute my duties and help grow one of the rising fintech companies in South America.

After thorough research for an MSc program in Business Analytics, I discovered the MSc program in Business Analytics and Big Data at the University of XXXX. Asides from the fact that I have always admired the city of XXXX for its contribution to the industrial revolution, I find studying in xxx a good investment because of its position among the xxx cities. Also, online reviews from different alumnus applaud the lecturers, and world-class facilities that make learning fun, easy, and interesting, which makes me more interested in the learning culture of this university. Lastly, I consider studying here because I am satisfied with the compulsory and optional modules available for this program, for the compulsory modules, I am interested in …………… (Insert the 3 modules from the compulsory modules that you’re interested in).

My strengths can be found in my team building, strategic planning, data visualization, and numeric abilities. Corporate work has also helped me in character, and the ability to work with different people. When I am not working, I enjoy football activities, and as a big fan of football, I look forward to seeing some of the toughest matches in the country’s football league including…

I will be coming to this program with experience working with entrepreneurs and business managers to utilize business data which I trust will be relevant during classroom contributions. Equipping myself with knowledge from this program will benefit me and my country as I look forward to a Data Analyst career upon graduation. With this degree, I will join other experienced professionals in this field as we work towards capitalizing on the opportunities financial technology has given us to create an alternative revenue source for our beloved country. Evidence of my commitment to contribute to the growth of my country can be seen in my volunteer experiences dating far back as 2001. Hence, I look forward to this opportunity to develop myself and share my knowledge with my country. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this 500 Words SOP for MSc Business Analytics and Big Data. If you need a convincing and well written 500 words statement of purpose for your MSc or PhD, contact us today and a writer will be assigned to you.

Cheers and success always!

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