Study Visa SOP for PG Diploma in Canada Sample (+PDF)

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Here’s a Study Visa SOP for PG Diploma in Canada.

Note: This is a guide to aid prospective scholars to understand the requirements and expectations when sending their study visa application to the Canadian embassy. This sample should not be copied word for word. The original owner of this sample must have made use of it; hence, you should use your initiative to write yours or hire our service, and our writers will be glad to write for you. Finally, a link to download the PDF copy is attached below.

Study Visa SOP for PG Diploma in Canada Sample

{Name Surname}


E-mail: @email

Phone: Phone


Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada

Dear Sir/Madam,

Statement of Purpose for Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management

I’ll like to introduce myself as a proactive, dynamic and hardworking woman, from xxxxx in xxxxx, with Nigeria passport xxxxxx. I have been found worthy by the Fanshawe College Admission Committee, to be among the next class for their PGD program in project Management, starting on the 3rd of May 202x. Hence, I am soliciting the support of the Canadian government to grant me a study visa, to proceed with my academic plans.

Family Background

I am the 1st child in a family of xx. I have been married for x years with x wonderful kids. My husband (Name of husband) works as a Manager and Head of Information Technology Services in Andersen, a Tax Consulting and Business Advisory firm.

Academic Background

My first degree instilled in me the ideals of hard work and academic excellence; I graduated with a second class upper degree, achieving top scores in key modules. The success from my first degree brewed the love for academics in me, and opened me up for future academic advancement.

In 2014, due to the career demands of my job, I decided to further my education in the area of environmental management. I enrolled for a Master’s degree in Environmental Management, and bagged my first master’s in 2016.

Professional Background

Immediately after my first degree, I went to work under xxxxxxx for a 1 year period. Shortly after my service, I was employed as a Releasing Officer in a xxxxx company. In the last 10 years, I’ve enjoyed a successful career as xxxxxx at xxxxx Nigeria Limited. As a xxxxxx, I’m actively involved in key management functions that involve planning release lifecycles, and coordinating different processes to meet project expectations. However, after years of carrying out the same routine activities without any career advancement, I believe that it’s time to consider a different career prospect.

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Why Project Management

Generally, the responsibility of a project manager in the maritime industry is dynamic, having responsibilities that overlap with those of my current job. For example, the duties of a project manager include continuous planning, adapting to changing trading conditions, budgeting, amongst other relevant duties that are intertwined with what I do daily. More so, my position gives me the leverage of working directly with project managers; to conduct project quality checks, plan and design release guidelines, for the Quality Assurance team. Hence, when I decided to advance my career, project management was top of mind.

With my experience in strategic planning, release management, risk management, measuring and monitoring progress, coupled with the soft skills I have gained through corporate experiences; I believe I’ll easily fit into a project management role. So, this degree will give me the academic qualification to step up to project management roles.

Why Canada is my Choice Location

Firstly, there’s hardly any research or enquiry on abroad studies nowadays, that will not return Canada as one of the suitable destinations; and without any debate, Canada deserves the recommendations for many reasons, including the flexible degree programs, expert teachers, supportive government policies, and globally recognized certifications. However, my decision to pick Canada over the other education giants like the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, is tied to the affordable cost of living compared to the other countries with equal strides in the area of education. Though countries like Sweden, Poland, and the Netherlands, offer lower costs of living with similar academic standards; I still respect Canadian study, because of the friendlier and inspiring learning environment.  Finally, the Canadian government understands the importance of building an accommodating learning system to support both local and foreign scholars. So, it’ll be a blessing to join the list of goal-oriented scholars, who’ve gained from the academic system of Canada.

Why Fanshawe University

I discovered the program at Fanshawe during my search for project management programs that can be concluded within 1 year, while offering course modules that will take into consideration, the latest trends in project management.

In every industry, employers appreciate technical competency; and going through the course modules of Fanshawe, it was arranged to prepare professionals for the current job market. The course modules at FanshaweCollege will upgrade my experience, skills and competencies, which will be an advantage over my contemporaries.

 Incentives to Return to My Home Country

Firstly, my main drive for pursuing this education, is to gain the relevant qualification to take up project management roles in my current company in the quickest possible time; and Fanshawe University offers a 1-year project management diploma program, which gives me the leverage of concluding my studies quickly, so I can return to my duties in my company. After years of active service, learning, and familiarizing myself with the company mission and vision, this certification will further indicate my readiness for higher career responsibilities, when I return. Secondly, I am a wife and mother of xx; so there is the expectation on me, after my education, to return, and add to the growth of my immediate and extended family. Thirdly, my husband and I are doing well in Nigeria;:we have assets and investments that is enough to cater for us, our kids, and also support our family members. Hence, I have no intentions of extending my stay, after my program is concluded.

Value of Project Management to my Future Goals

Concerning my future goals, I wish to rise to the top echelon of project management in my current company; and as the scope of project management continues to increase in different industries; opportunities for qualified professionals will also continue to increase. That’s why it’ important for me to obtain this degree from a reputable country and school, in order to maintain my relevance in a highly competitive job market. I would be able to grow through the cooperate ladder, which will give me more leverage to make more contributions to the social and economic life of my family.


The full tuition for this program is $xxxx, and I have made full payment for this program. I have also attached a copy of my payment receipt to this application. For the remaining part of my studies, the expenses will be settled from my savings.


Finally, I have tried to present all the relevant information concerning my decision to pursue abroad studies in Canada, and the goals it’ll help me achieve. The prestige of having a study background in Canada alone, is enough to give me an edge in my future career prospects. I look forward to your consideration.

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Download: Study Visa SOP for PG Diploma in Canada Sample (+PDF)

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