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We have provided a sample SOP for Project Management in United Kingdom, this sample has already been used so don’t attempt to copy it. The special thing about this SOP is that the writer has both a study and career gap, and was able to constructively cover the reasons for the gap.

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What is an SOP for Project Management Programs in UK

An SOP is an application that determines your eligibility for admission or rejection into your preferred UK University. It is a summarized article that highlights your academic achievements, professional background and reveals your career goals. It indicates why you wish to apply to the specific university.

Top Universities for Project Management Programs in UK

Tips to follow for SOP for project management Format

While drafting your SOP for project management always focus on your experience and professional development. These tips will help craft the best SOP for project management.

  1. Clearly state your passion and motivations towards the intended course of study. Your reasons should justifies your choice and aspiration.
  2. Do not exceed the word count of 1000 and ensure to use clear fonts like Arial or Times new Romans. Also, ensure to leave one line space between the sentences.
  3. Avoid the use of abbreviations, unnecessary bolding of text, underlining letters etc. SOP is a formal letter, so you must treat it as such.
  4. Your SOP should contain your academic skills, accomplishments, and your future goals. These goals must align with enrollment requirement.
  5. Before you proceed with your SOP writing, ensure you check the format accepted by your prospective university. Whatever the format, ensure you maintain authenticity and positivity throughout the document.
  6. Before writing your SOP, Make sure to conduct thorough research on the university you plan attending. In your document, list down the major things you like about the university.
  7. Mention your achievements with accuracy, do not lie by over emphasis
  8. Ensure to check for grammatical errors before submission.
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Statement of Purpose for Project Management in United Kingdom

My name is xxxx – a wife and mother of 3 children; I wish to use this document to provide more information about my application to study for a Master’s degree in Project Management in the United Kingdom.

In 2001 I gained admission to study Arts in English/Drama at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria where I graduated with a 3.29/4.0 CGPA. During my undergraduate studies in 2015, I was recommended by the Head of Department to represent the department alongside my lecturers in a theatre for development workshop sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID) Sussex University, United Kingdom. Before my graduation I also obtained a Diploma in Cinematography from the National Film Institute Jos, Nigeria.

Shortly after my graduation, I gained employment to work at Ecobank- one of Africa’s leading commercial banks with over 1200 branches across Africa. My job responsibilities gave me access to top businessmen and women in Abuja while handling deposit mobilization, retail banking, loan request management, financial risk assessment amongst other duties. However, it was the area of loan request management, and risk assessment that gave me access to work with top decision-makers, analyzing projects that were on funding proposal from different companies. It didn’t take long to discover that project management was not only focused on Mathematics and/or Engineering. For example, for a project to be successful, the project manager needs to have the right balance of analytical, communication, leadership, and financial management. That made me begin to pick more interest in project management.

I worked for 5 years in the banking sector before taking a pregnancy leave in 2012 due to my high-risk pregnancy. After delivering my baby, I couldn’t return to corporate work, because my recovery took longer than usual. My husband was very concerned about my health and life and insisted that I didn’t go back to corporate work until I was done with childbirth. So, I had to officially resign from my job and spent the next 6 years (2013-2019) bearing and raising my 3 children.

When it was clear that I was ready to return to earned employment, I had developed a keen interest in project management. I recalled my days of working with business leaders, and project managers, and I very much enjoyed the versatility of project management. Further research showed that; Project Managers were amongst the most sought after professionals in Nigeria, and qualified professionals had lots of opportunities in the industries such as; Manufacturing, Construction, Finance, Arts, Health, Agriculture, Information Technology, and Energy. Though my interest is channelled to Project Management, there’s no doubt that I need the right background to practice.

Being rated one of the best study destinations to learn technical subjects, the UK has built a reputation for attracting some of the top intellectual achievers around the world, and studying in the UK will serve as an exposure to a learning environment that encourages borderless innovation. More so, UK certificates are highly respected worldwide especially here in Nigeria, and a Master’s degree from the U.K will give me a competitive edge over others in the industry. I’ve been to the UK, and understand their expectations from foreigners, and as a foreign student, I’ll ensure to abide by the laws binding the nation, my state of study, and the University.

After my studies, I would return to Nigeria and seek employment in one of the top companies where I could apply the knowledge and experience gained during my studies. A Masters in Project Management from the UK is important to me, because it’ll help me scale my career faster in this field while also serving as a haven against downsizing. I would be most honoured if granted access to further my studies in the UK.

Yours faithfully,


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